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PE police net over 150 suspects over the weekend - warn drivers, homeowners and shoppers

By Yolanda Palezweni - Nov 29, 2016
PE police net over 150 suspects over the weekend - warn drivers, homeowners and shoppers

Port Elizabeth police arrested a total of 152 suspects, including dangerous fugitives, during various crime prevention operations that were conducted over the past weekend.

According to the police, the suspects were arrested for various crime that include drug-related cases, drunken driving, possession of housebreaking implements, unlawful possession of firearms and ammunition, attempted murder, housebreaking and robbery.  

Police spokesperson, Colonel Priscilla Naidu, said that visible policing will be enhanced during the festive season and warned that those, who plan to disregard the law, will be severely dealt with.

“The Detective Tracing Team, assigned to the Operational Command Centre, arrested five suspects wanted for serious crimes, and one was arrested in Zwide in connection with a housebreaking case that occurred in 2001 in the Mount Road area,” said Colonel Naidu.

Warning to motorists

She added that local motorists should be alert of a white Toyota Corolla driving around the Bay, especially in Linton Grange and Walmer.

According to the police, three cases have been reported in the Walmer area of its occupants falsely alert drivers that they have a flat tyre. When the driver stops, they then rob him at gun-point.

“Drivers are advised to ignore the warning and instead drive to the nearest garage or a safe place and then stop to inspect the tyre,” said Colonel Naidu.

Police also warned truck drivers to take note when stopping at robots and intersections and always keep the doors of the vehicle locked.

“Truck drivers are being robbed in the Korsten area when they stop. The keys of the vehicle are taken and they are robbed of their belongings."

Warnings to residents

Police are also warning local homeowners to extend their alarm systems to their garages.

“A worrying concern is that motorbikes are being taken from locked garages. Reports of such theft occur mostly in the Westering/Kabega Park area. Always take note of suspicious vehicles circling the immediate perimeters of your street,” said Colonel Naidu.

She added that if a vehicle is parked outside a neighbour’s house for a long time, contact the police immediately.

Colonel Naidu also said that during this time of the year, the ‘remote jamming scammers’ are very busy, especially at shopping malls and parking areas.

“Always double check by manually testing whether your vehicle has been locked. A navy blue VW Polo with false plates has been spotted at various complexes after which reports are received of items taken from the vehicle,” she said.

“Don’t rely on car guards as they are not always alert and never leave packets and valuables inside the vehicle within the view of passing and inquisitive pedestrians. This practice is an opportunity for a criminal to break into the vehicle."

Colonel Naidu, however, the SAPS remains committed to ensuring that all people within the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan are safe.

“All this can be this achieved if individuals and communities cooperate with the police by adhering to these awareness tips which will inevitably result in a safer and crime free festive season,” she concluded.