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PE policewoman remanded in custody for killing boyfriend - also a police officer

By Afikile Lugunya - Mar 1, 2018
PE policewoman remanded in custody for killing boyfriend - also a police officer

The New Brighton Magistrate's Court, in Port Elizabeth, on Wednesday denied bail for a Port Elizabeth policewoman, who allegedly masterminded the murder of her boyfriend, who was also a policeman, whose body was found burned beyond recognition at the back of a vehicle in Peddie in 2017.

Constable Nosicelo Kamba and her co-accused, who is a taxi driver, Lunga Mbondo, appeared in the court for a ruling on their bail application.

They are charged with the murder of Constable Vuyo Matshisi.

Both Kamba and Matshisi were based at the Gelvandale Police Station.

Presiding over the case, Magistrate Una Rhodes, went over the gruesome details that were presented during the duo's bail application about how Kamba planned and executed the murder of her boyfriend.

Still, Kamba and Mbondo have pleaded not guilty to the charge.

Apparently, while cohabiting with his other woman, Rita Mase, Matshisi was seeing about four other women including Kamba.

In addition to the charge of murder, there is a pending charge of assault against Kamba, who allegedly went and assaulted the mother of Matshisi's four-year-old daughter.

Apparently, Kamba had found out that Matshisi was not being faithful and managed to track down Ndileka Booi in 2016.

Booi was allegedly brutally assaulted by Kamba in the presence of a man identified as Melikhaya Nqono - she only woke up in hospital and spent three days in a hospital bed.

She later opened a case of assault at Kwazakhele police station.

Booi cried as she narrated to the press how Kamba hit her with an object in a plastic bag and she fell faceward before Kamba stomped on her face and instructed her to stay down.

She said that she did not follow up with the case of assault to ensure that Kamba was arrested because she was still dealing with her injuries.

Booi said she was later told that the case had been dropped because police had failed to locate her.

Days later, pending the charge, the witness of the assault, Nqono, reportedly disappeared and was reported as a missing person. His body was later discovered day later.

In 2017, Matshisi also disappeared.

His burnt body was later found in the boot of a burnt out police vehicle on a plot about 20km from Peddie on 2 July 2017.

Police forensic tests confirmed that it was him and there were signs showing that he had been stabbed in the neck.

Matshisi had not reported at work for days after taking the vehicle.

A Brigadier at Gelvandale police station confirmed that on 30th of June 2017, Matshisi had driven out with that same vehicle and never returned.

When he called his phone, he said that it was answered by a woman and a baby was crying in the background, she informed him that Matshisi was sleeping and when he called again, the phone was off.

Apparently, Kamba later confessed to stabbing Matshisi and staging the murder in exchange for a lenient sentence.

Police also found a receipt of three bottles of petrol that were bought at a garage in Port Elizabeth that July and was signed for by Kamba.

In her room, at a home in Peddie, police found blood spatter on the floor and two teenage boys apparently told police that Kamba had asked them to wash blankets with blood stains on them.

Mbondo reportedly confessed to having played a part in the murder.

Magistrates Rhodes said that she had also considered Booi's protection in denying bail for the accused.

The duo are again expected in the court later this month.