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PE resident Nala Mofokeng honoured as Best Trainee in Volkswagen Group

Dec 11, 2018
PE resident Nala Mofokeng honoured as Best Trainee in Volkswagen Group

Nala Mofokeng of Volkswagen Group South Africa was one of the 46 best young talents in Volkswagen Group to be honoured with the 2018 Best Trainee Award last Friday in Wolfsburg, Germany.

Nala joined 14 young women and 32 young men from all over the world across 16 vocations that were honoured for their outstanding performance and professional competence.

The certificates for 2018 ceremony were presented by the Chairman of the Board of Management of Volkswagen Group, Dr. Herbert Diess, Member of the Board of Management responsible for Human Resources, Gunnar Kilian, and the President of the Global Group Works Council, Bernd Osterloh.

"You have every reason to be proud because you are among the world's best trainees in the Volkswagen Group. In the future too, we will need a team that is motivated, competent and committed, and also welcomes change.

"If you want to keep pace with the major challenges of our times, you must demonstrate flexibility and be ready to accept change," said Diess at the award ceremony.

Nala Mofokeng an Nelson Mandela University alumni

Nala, 27, joined VWSA in 2017 as a Graduate Trainee after completing his Electrical Engineering degree at Nelson Mandela University in Port Elizabeth. 

He started as a Maintenance Engineer in the Body Shop Maintenance department.  After only two years at VWSA, Nala has made a big impression on his department and colleagues.

"I am extremely honoured and grateful for the opportunity that Volkswagen has afforded me. Firstly for being part of the Volkswagen graduate programme and secondly, to be chosen as the best amongst the best.

"The time I spent in Wolfsburg last week has opened my eyes to how big the organisation is on a global scale. I am especially grateful to the friendships and contacts I made while I was there.

"I was mostly inspired by the words of Dr. Diess and the strategy of Volkswagen moving forward. I am looking forward to enhancing my skills to benefit the organisation efficiently and effectively," said Nala.

"We are very proud that one of our young talents was honoured by the Group for his outstanding performance in 2018. Identifying and retaining talent is very important to the long term success of our company.

"As such, VWSA remains committed to investing in training programme such as our Graduate Trainees that helps us to attract young talent such as Nala to our organisation," said Thomas Schaefer, Chairman and Managing Director of Volkswagen Group South Africa.

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