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PE’s Rhino Energy Solutions named SA’s third biggest Solar PV installer

PE’s Rhino Energy Solutions named SA’s third biggest Solar PV installer

Port Elizabeth-based company, Rhino Energy Solutions was recently named the third biggest Photovoltaics installer in South Africa in a Top 40 Solar PV Installation Companies in South Africa survey carried out by Power Quality & Energy Services.

According to the March 2015 survey, Rhino Energy Solutions, which was established in 2007, has successfully installed nearly 2700 kW’s of solar pv, throughout southern Africa. Recently awarded projects will ensure continued growth.

The acknowledgement is another feather in the hat for the company and proves its ability to design, install, commission and support systems whether from small, rural scale, to game lodges, business operations, commercial premises, farms and residential developments to very large utility scale solar power generation.

“This recognition means we are positioned very well in a new and growing sector and hopefully able to enjoy a fair share of the growing market as more and more understand the benefits of solar power,” explained Andrew Barton, Financial Director at Rhino Energy Solutions.

“In such a growing sector, companies that have proven their abilities should continue to be able to meet customer needs.”

He attributed Rhino Energy’s success to “essentially and fundamentally having a solutions focus, which implies offering the best equipment type specific for a project or location, whilst ensuring that it all makes commercial sense for a customer,” said Barton.

“Solutions are inherently of an engineering nature, which provides comfort to clients who otherwise would not necessarily be aware of all the possible variables at play and that could otherwise impact their Return On Investment (ROI).”

He said households and companies should take solar photovoltaics seriously.

“The cost of solutions has decreased significantly over the years and payback periods are becoming increasingly acceptable to business and home owners,” described Barton.

“Growth over the next few years is anticipated to be very real. Clearly, some also prefer self-autonomy versus dependence on their traditional electricity supplier.”

He added that Rhino Energy Solutions had also made the process of switching to solar PVs for comfortable off-the-grid living hassle-free.

“It is now very seamless and efficient.

“A site visit is always required so as to assess potential to firstly reduce current electricity consumption, then identify actual needs and the viability of a PV solution considering roof pitch/orientation, space and actual current tariffs,” Barton explained.

“There are a number that prefer 4-hour autonomy using our Power Back-Up Solutions, whereby just the essentials remain powered during load shedding.”

Considering going of the grid or wanting a reliable back-up to your Eskom supplies, find out more about Rhino Energy Solutions for your home or business by calling 041 451 3197 or by visiting www.rhinoenergy.co.za.