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PE St George’s Club releases 150th Year Anniversary coffee table book

MAY 15, 2017
PE St George’s Club releases 150th Year Anniversary coffee table book

The PE St George’s Club recently celebrated its 150th anniversary and to commemorate this milestone in the history of the City, it staged a number of festivities.  The Club also compiled a coffee table book, specifically to celebrate the occasion. 

Initially this book was only made available to Club members, but a limited number of copies are now available to the general public.  The book can be purchased from Fogarty’s Bookshop in the Walmer Park Shopping Centre at a cost of R220.

Situated at 12 Bird Street, Central, the Club has been on this site for most of the 150 years and is still available as a venue and a facility for business leaders and the communities of Nelson Mandela Bay. 

After many changes of human, economic and physical environment, the Club remains passionate to continue the tradition of being the Club for its day and age.

The Coffee Table Book contains details of the history of the Club.  For instance, a section in the book lists dignitaries who have visited the Club over the years.  These include Mark Twain, Field Marshall JC Smuts, Lord and Lady Baden-Powell, King George VI, Queen Elizabeth, Field Marshall Montgomery of Alamein, Queen Elizabeth II, and many more…

Gone are the days that the facilities were reserved for members only, although membership provides substantial benefits in the form of discounts on food, drinks and function room facilities. The public are now welcome to share the Club’s facilities, to arrange functions or just drop in for a meal or a drink.

The Club is desirous to continue serving the people of Nelson Mandela Bay and environs whilst being a proud destination for visitors to the City, thereby contributing to the economic growth of the City.  Despite constant changes of environment, the Club continues to serve all the people of Nelson Mandela Bay. 

The Coffee Table Book will therefore serve a useful purpose of reminding residents and visitors of the rich history which the Club shares with the City.

For further details, visit the Club’s Website www.pestgeorgesClub.co.za or Facebook page www.facebook.com/PEStGeorgesClub.

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