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Peak electricity use is about to pinch your wallet further

By Supplied - Jun 11, 2015
Peak electricity use is about to pinch your wallet further

Do you know that electricity rates are about to change to a ‘Time of Use (TOU)’ system? This means that certain municipalities and electricity supply companies such as City Power will be able to charge you higher rates during peak periods, in the hope that the increased prices will encourage you to use power during off peak hours. Changes should come into effect shortly.

“The TOU tariff is designed to reduce the pressure on the electricity grid and City Power has said that they will charge less during off-peak periods. This means you will need to plan carefully and make changes to your current lifestyle, the easiest place to start is water heating” comments Roger Bulgin from Mr. Power.

If you haven’t already assessed your power usage, don’t delay as the new tariffs will increase your electricity bill significantly. Planning ahead is imperative for cooking, cleaning and bathing.

Start today. Reduce your electricity usage with your geyser:

  • The pressure on the grid during the evening peak period is largely due to hot water consumption – tackle this first
  • Have a Mr. Power Geyser Controller installed as this intelligent device is programmed to heat the geyser during off-peak periods only and will automatically switch off your geyser circuit once you have a full tank of hot water – eliminating the geyser’s current function of continuously heating and re-heating the water throughout the day
  • The geyser represents around 40% of your electricity bill
  • Investigate alternative methods of cooking such as gas, alternatively cook earlier

The new TOU tariffs will impact your lifestyle and gradually we will experience a change in current habits and behaviour – time and energy consumption will be used differently. Your routine is about to change.

Peak periods may vary from region to region but are approximately:

  • Morning: 7 am – 9 am
  • Evening: 5 pm – 8 pm

The Mr. Power Geyser Controller is priced at R1300 and your return on investment is normally a few months. For more advice and information please visit www.mrpower.co.za or call the Mr. Power team directly on 011 804 2988.


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