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Peddie serial rapist sentenced to 28 years imprisonment

By Zandisiwe Poltin - Jul 13, 2015
Peddie serial rapist sentenced to 28 years imprisonment

A convicted serial rapist from Peddie, in the Ciskei, Nceba Funani, is finally behind bars after traumatising local residents for a number of years.

The 32-year-old rapist was sentenced on Friday to 28 years imprisonment by the Peddie Magistrate Court. His sentence includes five years for housebreaking and 13 years for rape, which will run concurrently with another 15 years for another rape and robbery. He was also declared unfit to possess a firearm.

“The residents of Peddie extension were pleased by the sentence as the culprit will be removed from among them for a very long time,” said Peddie police Constable Mkhululi Mayoli in a statement.

The convictions and sentences come years after Funani committed the crimes as he could not be linked to them although he was known in his village to be the perpetrator.

Among Funani’s convictions was for the rape of a victim, who was on her way to work at the local hospital, Nompumelelo.

“She was hit by an unknown object and fell on the ground when she was raped repeatedly,” added Constable Mayoli.

It was only a thorough police investigation, which included DNA testing, that later confirmed Funani as the culprit.

Funani was also found guilty of raping another victim in her house where he also robbed her of R200.

It is almost a year after the Daily Dispatch first reported how women, who lived in his village, were living in fear as a serial rapist stalked them.

“Women and girls are living in fear as rape escalates here. It’s about time we as Peddie women say, ‘enough is enough’,” Director of the Peddie Family Resource Centre, Kholeka Mgoduka, told Daily Dispatch then.


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