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Personal development in business leads to growth for start-up entrepreneurs

Nov 4, 2016
Personal development in business leads to growth for start-up entrepreneurs

On Friday, entrepreneurs graduated from The Hope Factory’s Personal Development in Business Programme. As a Socio-Economic Development (SED) initiative, this programme aims to grow and develop people‘s potential to support themselves through self-employment. The heart of the programme is to see people and communities positively impacted, by providing them with hope and the ability to make a difference in their communities through financial sustainability.

The programme duration was ten months and entrepreneurs attended a half-day class once a week, where they received training on crucial topics related to personal, business and financial development. Most of the businesses are not-registered when they join the programme and trade informally in a wide variety of industries. In addition to the training, they also receive personal and business mentoring that helps to guide them through the realities and struggles of growing their business from start-up into becoming sustainable.

Many of the entrepreneurs on this programme are passionate about their communities and are involved with social impact activities as an extension of their businesses. By developing them as individuals, The Hope Factory extends a hand of development into the communities in which they live and operate their businesses.

Mkhulule Ngambu operates a cleaning business and personally the programme has taught him how to balance things between his business, family, physical and spiritual needs. He says: “Little by little the business is growing”. Through what he learned on the programme, he has taken the initiative to formally register his business during the year.

Phumeza Kundayi, whose’s health business is currently in the process of registration, explains what impact the programme had on her and her business: “It really motivated me. It made me think out of the box from planning to action and how to keep track of what I am doing”.

George Geleba, owner of AVM PTY Ltd, an Event, Brand Management and Security company says; “It has been a very fruitful journey for my business”. He explains that the sales module equipped him to keep a healthy cash flow for the business.

During the last class for the year, the entrepreneurs shared many testimonies that highlighted the difference that the programme has made in their lives. Phrases such as: “I can put what I learned into practice”; “It has helped me a lot, my confidence has grown and so has my business”; “I’m doing things I never thought I would do” and “Thank you for building into us so that we can ensure that we bring money into our families”, captures the gratitude from the group.

The programme facilitator echoed their testimonies with a final word: “It has been an incredible journey. The testimonies really reflect that which was in each of you all along. The Hope Factory really only pulled that potential out of each entrepreneur”.

This programme is made possible through SED contributions received from corporate companies nationally. To this effect, B-BBEE offers companies an opportunity to be a part of the transformation of our nation through financial contributions to non-profit companies like The Hope Factory. Collectively the private sector and The Hope Factory can impact communities by assisting start-up entrepreneurs through business challenges towards sustainable growth.