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Persons with disabilities produce 2016 Casual Day apparel in Nelson Mandela Bay

Jul 4, 2016
Persons with disabilities produce 2016 Casual Day apparel in Nelson Mandela Bay

The Association for Persons with Physical Disabilities in Nelson Mandela Bay is the official manufacturer of 50% of this year’s Casual Day clothing to help raise funds for the campaign. 

“It is has been privilege to see people who directly benefit from this massive initiative being the ones taking power into their own hands,” said Brett Marshall, Fundraising Manager of the Association of Persons with Disabilities (APD) in Nelson Mandela Bay.

The APD is an NGO that owns Ability, the clothing manufacturing factory in Nelson Mandela Bay, which was started as a fundraising concept to create employment for persons with disabilities. The team members consist of persons with disabilities who have been trained on-site to produce the items from scratch.

“As a person with a disability myself, it is great to know I am taking part in something that will eventually benefit others with disabilities and for that I thank Casual Day,” said Doris Sonjica, seamstress at the Ability Workshop.

Ability manufactured the burgundy coloured T-shirts and buckets hats, which have the 2016 Casual Day theme, “Up Your Game”, printed on them.

By wearing the merchandise people can show off their support whilst contributing to the cause. “We are always grateful to our community members who donate and “sport” their support for the campaign by wearing the t-shirts and official sticker on Casual Day. This has sustained the campaign for 22 years, making a difference to many other beneficiaries who support persons with disabilities,” said Marshall.

The apparel is currently being distributed nationwide to NGO’s where community members can donate and get their official 2016 Casual Day merchandise. To find your nearest NGO in support of Casual Day, please visit www.casualday.co.za or call 011 609 7006.

Casual Day is a annual fund raising campaign aimed at supporting persons with disabilities in South Africa.

“We were happy to receive and agree to APD’s proposal as they are a reputable manufacturer but also one that shares the same goals and values of the Casual Day project,” said Therina Wentzel, National Director of the National Council for Persons with Physical Disabilities in South African (NCPPDSA), the founders of Casual Day.

The campaign will be celebrated on Friday, 2 September throughout the country.