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Peter Tshiguvho appointed new CEO of Metropolitan Retail

Jan 10, 2019
Peter Tshiguvho appointed new CEO of Metropolitan Retail

Peter Tshiguvho, the new CEO of Metropolitan Retail, is a visionary whose optimistic outlook, belief in the power of hard work and persistent determination are all helping to bring about change in the company.

He says: “I want to be the best CEO I can be and that is not necessarily measured by comparing myself to another CEO. I am very aware that I am responsible for my own success and, given my new role, there are so many other people whose success depends on me, so I need to be my best.”

Hailing originally from a small village in Venda, Peter was initially sent away to school in Chiawelo before returning to complete his high school education, which saw him having to walk 20km every day for five years.

Although several of his friends who had to do the same rigorous journey dropped out, Peter says: “I could have done the same, but there was something in me that said if I want to change where I come from, as well as influence the future, I need to make sure that I persevere, which I did even though it wasn’t easy.”

After matriculating, he took up work as a teacher to be able to pay for his studies.

“I could have just decided to keep working and not pursue my studies, but after a year I had saved enough money to attend the University of Venda. I did so well in the first semester of my first year of studying that I was given a bursary and could give the rest of the money that I had earned to my mom.”

Peter Tshiguvho did graduate training at Old Mutual South Africa

After completing his studies, he began his career as a graduate in training at Old Mutual South Africa and worked his way up to become a Sales Support Manager.

During this time, he served in various roles within different branches and geographic areas around South Africa – even having to return to Venda at one point, much to his dismay.

“I considered resigning, but my manager at the time, Gavin Coetzee, encouraged me to go back to Venda. I learnt so much and I don’t know what would have happened if I didn’t take that opportunity.” While still with Old Mutual, Peter began studying towards his Master of Business Administration in Strategic Planning and Leadership.

He subsequently took up the position of Divisional Manager at Sage Life and, after four years with the company, made the move to African Life Assurance where he assumed the role of Corporate Business Manager.

Tshiguvho then joined Ithala Development Finance Corporation as the Insurance Division Manager, where he enjoyed highlights such as developing a new channel in the business’ call centre and a brand new product called Ispheko.

Peter Tshiguvho become Assistant General Manager of Sales and Marketing at AVBOB

Two years later, he left to become Assistant General Manager of Sales and Marketing at AVBOB and in 2009 he became part of the team at ABSA, initially serving as a General Manager in the company’s insurance division and later as Provincial General Manager.

Peter shares that he built that division up from scratch and was responsible for setting up a new distribution channel to cater to the emerging market. He then went on to become Head of Life – Distribution and, at the same time, earned his Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Planning.

Peter later accepted the role of Head of Distribution for Africa at Old Mutual South Africa, before being promoted to the company’s Head of Corporate & Public Worksites. 

In February 2017, he joined Metropolitan Retail as Head of Channel and, in April 2018, was promoted to CEO.

When asked about his vision for Metropolitan, he shares: “Over the past three years Metropolitan has been rated as the number one insurer on the South African Customer Satisfaction Index (SAcsi). Looking back at those three years, they were not our best performing years.

"That means we are doing something right, but it also means that we still have room, or a runway, for improvement. My vision is for us to not only be number one on the SACsi survey, but number one in terms of performance and profitability.”

“It is my responsibility to make sure that we realise the company’s new vision of ‘working with our clients to help them achieve their financial life goals’ and if I do that, then there’s nothing that will stop us from being number one in all areas,” he concludes.

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