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Petrol price November 2019 - Here's what AA is seeing concerning November petrol, diesel prices

Oct 15, 2019
Petrol price November 2019 - Here's what AA is seeing concerning November petrol, diesel prices

Port Elizabeth - So what does the petrol price for November 2019 looking like? If you are also looking for ideas on the petrol and diesel price for November 2019, the Automotive Association of South Africa in its latest petrol price prediction for November 2019 says some motorists will see an increase on their fuel while others will enjoy a drop in prices.

South Africa's petrol and diesel are determined monthly and for most of 2019, there has been increases in fuel prices. Petrol and diesle prices increased in Octoberfor the eighth straight month.

"Fuel prices are showing a mixed picture for November, with some prices predicted to climb and others falling," the Automobile Association (AA) said on Tuesday.

It was commenting on unaudited mid-month fuel price data released by the Central Energy Fund.

In an indication of how flat the month has been to date, the AA notes that different fuels are heading in different directions.

Petrol price November 2019 prediction

According to the AA;

  • 93 octane petrol is showing a five-cent drop,
  • 95 octane petrol is set to rise by ten cents,
  • Diesel is forecast to climb by two cents, and
  • Illuminating paraffin looks set for a two cents decrease.

It added; "The Rand, which lost considerable ground against the US dollar in the second half of September, has stabilised around the R15.20 mark and has generally offset slight rises in international oil prices.

"In its turn, oil has retreated from the price spike arising from last month's Saudi oil refinery attacks, giving a more stable picture for the motorist."

The Association noted that, at first glance, the oil price seems to be finding its way back to normal, and the Rand, as ever, is a bellwether of the current mix of poor economic conditions and reticence by investors.

“The Rand has trended stronger against the dollar over the past few days, so it's possible the picture could improve by month-end," concludes the AA.

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