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Phase 2 of the George Municipality's housing project in Thembalethu

Jun 26, 2018
Phase 2 of the George Municipality's housing project in Thembalethu

The second phase of the UISP housing project in Thembalethu is in full swing with families having received 71 of the 251 houses that will be built.

Phase 2 of the UISP, which forms part of the Thembalethu: Upgrading of Informal Settlements Programme (UISP) commenced on 19 January 2018 with the completion date being 31 December 2018.  

"A total of 251 houses will be built in this phase each measuring 42 square metres," said Spokesperson, Debra Sauer.

"Lawula and Marnol JV (Joint Venture) are the appointed contractors.The cost of a serviced property (with all municipal services) amounts to R43 000 and the top structures R111 000.

"The Enhanced People’s Housing Process (EPHP) Housing Programme was implemented in these projects, which added a lot more value to the project because the participants were also given the opportunity to have a say in the product that was delivered to them."

Sauer said that the normal norms and standards of the Department of Human Settlements are far exceeded in this project as a 42 square metre  house was built and the whole house will be handed over fully tiled, with a tiled roof, aluminium windows, kitchen cabinets, and outdoor lights.

"The normal standard size for housing for the Department of Human Settlements is 40m2."

Main image: Nokuphumla Fukuse with her house keys during Phase 1 of the project. With her is Yandisa Malgas from George Municipality.

Above: Siyabulelo Qashani in front of his house with Yandisa Malgas.