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Phicor produces top quality fittings for Grey Junior School pavilion

Phicor produces top quality fittings for Grey Junior School pavilion

The Grey, as the combination of junior and high schools are collectively known, is an awe-inspiring site to any person driving down College Drive, in Port Elizabeth. 

The school not only boasts some magnificent architecture from the early 1900’s that has since been proclaimed a national monument, but all the many additions over the past 100 years have maintained the same high standard of design and construction.

The newest addition to the school grounds has been the Grey Junior School Sports Pavilion opened by headmaster Mr Lindsay Pearson and, as one would expect, the same high standards were maintained in the development of this project.

Brad Rosser PQS & Principal Agent, representing Johnston and Rosser, and Craig Billson, of Studio D’ Arc architects, played an integral role on the finished product.  Phicor Architectural Products contributed to a number of the fittings with careful design and selection to complement the building.

One of the main features of The Grey buildings are the shutters and any additions to the school would require something similar.

Managing Director of Phicor Architectural Products, Sean Steyn said, “We needed to mimic the shutters on the original Grey buildings to the best of our ability. What we produced though were shutters that are aesthetically similar but in fact very different.

“Our shutters were manufactured entirely from aluminium and are retrofitted into the window sub-frame. The shutters not only look attractive but they are functional and can serve as a security device.”

In addition to the shutters, Phicor Architectural Products also supplied all the windows, doors, balustrades, Frameless showers, frameless door & polished stainless steel fittings.

“All products are designed, manufactured in-house and fitted by our highly trained staff. We have the technical know-how and the manufacturing ability to provide all manner of architectural requirements.

“We have a dedicated technical support system in place that can answer your technical queries or provide you with in-depth detailed AutoCAD/inventor drawing in response to your design needs. We continually work on new designs and keep ourselves up to speed with local and international supplier developments incorporating them into our model.

“Presently we are continuing with programs to widen the certification for most of our products within the AAAMSA organisation,” concludes Sean.

For all of your specialised building products for residential and commercial building, call Phicor Architectural Products on 041 451 0388or visit their website at www.phicor.co.za. Phicor is situated in 1 Plein Street in Sidwell, Port Elizabeth. Please like Phicor on Facebook.