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PHOTOS: George Municipality Mayor opens George Old Car Show

Feb 13, 2018
PHOTOS: George Municipality Mayor opens George Old Car Show

George Municipality Executive Mayor, Ald Melvin Naik, officially opened the 22nd George Old Car show in George on Saturday.

He said the motor show does not only get mileage in the region, provincial or in the country but also gets interest from international enthusiasts.

Naik said the show is not only growing in numbers but also in the format of the representation of the show.

“We salute and thank the exhibitors, participants and sponsors for their immeasurable commitment and efforts to ensure the success of this annual old car show.

"I stand in awe not only because of the immaculate motor vehicles that are showcased here over the weekend including the pre1930 Fords and the Renault Gordinis to mention but a few, but the fact that a South African launched a Tesla all electric powertrain car into space using the most powerful rocket in use today from the same launching pad used by NASA nearly 50 years ago, to send men to the moon. This is what or tomorrow may hold- unsurpassed innovation and creativity,” Naik said.

The show was concluded on Sunday.

Main image: Mayor Melvin Naik and Junior Mayor Lenè Conradie at the Old Car Show waiting in their carriage to be ushered to the main stage. With them is Cllr Elizabeth Stroebel.

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