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Plan to Employ Part-Time Beachfront Safety Officers during Summer Season

Jan 22, 2015
Plan to Employ Part-Time Beachfront Safety Officers during Summer Season

The Safety and Security Directorate has unveiled a plan to deploy beachfront safety officers during the summer season to patrol beaches and major parks.

Safety and Security Executive Director Shane Brown notes in a report to the Safety and Security Committee, which meets next week, that while the metro becomes a tourist attraction in the summer season, at that time “crime also becomes a problem as well as general lawlessness along the beachfront”.

He says that among the complaints received were people camping in areas not designated for camping, drunk and disorderly behaviour on the beaches and along the beachfront, littering and “general lawlessness and lack of safety and security”.

Brown says that what is proposed is that beachfront safety officers should be employed on a part-time basis during the summer season to patrol the beaches and major parks, including Wells Estate, Settlers Park, Motherwell Peace Park, St George’s Park, Summerstrand and Maitlands.

“These safety officers will have the responsibility to ensure the implementation of by-laws in the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipal area.”

Brown suggests that when there is bad weather, the safety officers could be deployed to areas such as busy shopping centres.

He says the safety officers will be “closely monitored regarding their performance in the area of by-law offences,” adding that they will be trained; will wear an identifiable uniform and will meet the minimum requirements for peace officers.

The report to the committee shows that the cost of training and equipping each safety officer is R10 000, while it is proposed that they be paid a monthly allowance of R6 000, inclusive of transport allowance. 

Brown suggesting that alternative funding sources be investigated in consultation with the Budget and Treasury Directorate.

The ED points out that the item is being presented to the committee at this stage because training will need to take place and contracts completed before the start of the summer season.

He also notes that if the initiative is deemed to be “efficient” then it can be expanded to other problem areas such as Central.

The initiative, he adds, will also provide employment for people who would otherwise remain unemployed.  - MetroMinutes.


Photo Caption: Port Elizabeth beachfront. IMAGE supplied by www.roomsforafrica.com