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Planning your year-end function – made easy!

Nov 2, 2017
Planning your year-end function – made easy!

It’s that time of the year again to be creative and start planning your company’s year-end function. Nicole Rollings, owner of EnOv8 Event Management, shares some handy tips to make your event the best of the best!

“Planning your end-year function does not have to be a tedious task. If you plan well in advance, you have the space to be creative and to thank your staff for their hard work during the year in a really memorable way,” comments Rollings.

  • Plan ahead

Venues get booked up very quickly for year-end functions. It is a good idea to start looking now if you have not started already. Planning is vital to ensuring a successful event.

  • Compare venues

Make sure you are getting the best value for money. “EnOv8 always provides clients with at least three options to select from. This way, they can compare the pros and cons, as well as the costs for each venue and make an informed decision on the venue that best fits their requirements,” says Rollings.

  • Food, glorious food!

Make sure to check dietary requirements with all the attendees so that no one feels put out on the day. Dietary sensitivities are increasing in our modern world, and many people are very specific about what they will or will not eat – not just for religious reasons, but often because of moral reasons, allergies and intolerances too!

  • Gifts all around

If your event is for your clients, include a special branded gift they can take with them to remember the event by. “We always suggest looking for a practical gift that your clients are likely to use again and again, to keep your brand top of mind”, says Rollings. “You could even use this idea when inviting your clients to the event. We still love the trend of sending out custom cupcakes to invite special guests”.

  •  Interaction is key!

If your event is for staff, you could use some of the time to help teams bond and get to know each other better. Always plan a few activities to keep it entertaining. Get members of the team to act as programme managers – you will be surprised which stars shine when they are in front of a crowd!

  • Leave the ‘cheese’

Don’t go with cheesy, overdone themes. Your guests will appreciate it if you put a bit more thought into it. You could even involve them by running a small survey ahead of time, and then get their votes on the three most requested themes.

  • The little things

Add little touches that make the event memorable, keeping the theme running throughout like a golden thread, but don’t overdo it.

  • Call an event manager

Contact an event manager if you don’t have the time to organise your own year-end function. They are not as expensive as you might think and can provide you with a lot of advice and skills to make your event one to remember!

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