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Poaching incident forces rhino to be put down

By Marc Jacobson - Mar 31, 2016
Poaching incident forces rhino to be put down

One of three rhinos, Bingo, that were dehorned by poachers at Sibuya Game Reserve, outside of Port Elizabeth, has been put down earlier this week.

It was put down after falling into a river from sustaining serious injuries in a rhino poaching incident last Thursday. Two rhino females died following the incident, while Bingo sought to find safety in a nearby forest.

Reserve owner, Nick Fox, told SABC News that the rhino was in agony and that he had lost sight in both of his eyes.

“Unfortunately because of the loss of sight, he couldn’t see the pathways that we’ve cut for him,” Fox said.

Fox said that whenever the rhino tried to get out the river, up the steep, he would pull back and fall back into the water.

“He was getting extremely weak, he could not climb out and the tides kept coming in. It was clear that he was not going to be able to move and that with the high tide, he was just going to drown," Fox added.

He said that it was agreed to put him down, as it was not fair that they have the rhino carry on in his traumatic state.