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Pokémon Go: Little Monsters in the streets of Port Elizabeth

Pokémon Go: Little Monsters in the streets of Port Elizabeth

Gamers and geeks all over the world are celebrating the release of Niantic’s brand new game for Andriod and iOS, Pokemon GO!

Pokemon is a popular game where the player walks around a fictional town to find and capture pocket monsters, aka Pokemon, and fight with other Pokemon in order to gain achievements and become ‘The Greatest Pokemon Master of all’.

Pokemon Go was developed by Niantic, a popular company best known for their augmented reality mobile game Ingress. The game utilises the player’s camera and GPS on their mobile device and allows them to find and capture Pokemon in the real world.

Popular locations in certain countries have become something known as ‘Pokestops’, locations that when the player is close enough offer free items that help the player in the game. Certain areas have also become something called ‘Pokemon Gyms’, where players can battle with Pokemon and gain experience to level up.

First released in Australia and Japan in the first week of July, the game has attracted many people and encourages them to GO outside in order to catch Pokemon.

Safety of the players has been made a concern as constant looking down and walking could make a person walk into something or someone, and even cause and accident. There are also a few instances where players are driving while playing, which is not advised. In this case please let the passenger driver play for you and keep your eyes on the road.

Recently the game has been made available to South Africans for download and has many fans rearing to go to as many places as possible in order to collect different kinds of Pokemon.

In the Port Elizabeth area when playing the game, you will find that most of the Pokestops are churches and popular recreational venues like the Boardwalk. There have even been Facebook groups and events created to gather fellow players together in order to work as a team to capture Pokemon.

So if you see a person walking and staring down at their phone screen and suddenly stop, chances are they’re trying to catch a Pokemon.

Remember to stay alert and Catch ém all!