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Pokémon Go: Red vs Blue vs Yellow

Pokémon Go: Red vs Blue vs Yellow

It’s safe to say that we All live in Pokémon world now, with many players venturing outdoors and going to strange locations in the hopes that they will find the best Pokémon out there. As players level up they gain opportunities to do more with their Pokémon. When a player reaches level 5 in the game they have the chance to fight other Pokémon in special Pokémon Gyms.

But the player is first met with a difficult choice before any Gym battle can take place. The player must choose which team they would like to join.

There are three teams to choose from in Pokémon GO, the Yellow team; team Instinct, the Blue team; team Mystic, and the Red team; team Valor. The team emblems are represented by the rare elemental type bird Pokémon that were first introduced into Pokémon in the movie; Pokémon the Movie 2000. Each team has its main goal when it comes to Pokémon and the Pokémon world; the player will then decide which teams goals best suit their style of play. Once you’ve selected a team you cannot change it and you will then fight Gym battles for your teams honour.

In a recent poll by Niantic, the developers of the game; it seems the most popular team is Team Mystic, while the least popular team is Team Instinct. An ongoing joke on social media has the Red and Blue teams constantly arguing with one another and fighting for Gyms, while the Yellow team just sits on the side lines.

In a recent drive around Port Elizabeth I discovered that the power of Team Mystic is no joke. In almost every Gym area the Gym has been taken over by Team Mystic. As a member of Team Valor I was utterly shocked, while they do have some Gyms under their flag, it’s not much compared to Team Mystic.

Gym battles require strategic planning and an understanding of Pokémon types and their weaknesses, so winning over a Gym is not an easy task. However there is no need to go into battle alone, Gyms can be taken over by other teams much quicker if players on the same team work together and defeat the Pokémon defending the Gyms. So when trying to capture a Gym, find a fellow team member and fight together in order to claim victory!

Some Pokémon GO players have even created groups on Facebook for players in their city, so that they can point out where to find certain Pokémon and share information about the game with each other. The groups do not affiliate with the teams, but rather focus on players in the general area.

So if you live in the Port Elizabeth area, feel free to join the Pokémon GO group for PE and join in the fun with fellow Pokémon trainers. It’s a whole new world we live in now; let’s just hope that server crashes don’t spoil it for us.