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Police handling 12 000 firearm license applications every month

JULY 25, 2015
Police handling 12 000 firearm license applications every month

As citizens seek to protect themselves from armed criminals, the South African Police Service's national firearm office is reportedly  handling around 12 000 firearm license applications each month.

This was revealed on Friday dafter former Northern Cape deputy commissioner, Major General Maropeng Mamotheti, was elevated to head of the Central Firearm Registry (CFR) – which processes firearm licenses and enforces the Firearm Control Act.

Speaking to The Herald, police spokesman Brigadier Vishnu Naidoo, said; “The unit handles about 12 000 applications per month and is striving to process and finalise applications for firearm licenses within a period of 90 working days.

"It must however be stated that even as we strive to achieve this target, we are still investigating whether it is realistically achievable or not, but we are striving to meet it."

Naidoo said that the unit has already implemented a new action plan, which has already shown improvements in the processing of firearm licenses. To prevent any opportunity for corruption, police are screening and vetting personnel performing functions in the unit.

“There is now clear segregation of functions, limited access on certain user functions and the encryption and password control measures.”

The news comes after police destroyed 14 382 illegal, lost and unwanted firearms at a steel factory in Vereeniging early this month.