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Police investigate Buffalo City Municipality Mayor SMS death threats

MARCH 20, 2015
Police investigate Buffalo City Municipality Mayor SMS death threats

East London police are reportedly investigating SMS death threats against Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality Executive Mayor, Zukiswa Ncitha. Her office confirmed to a local paper on Thursday that the Mayor has been getting the anonymous death threats over the past weeks.

Her spokesman, Sibusiso Cindi, told the Daily Dispatch; “Indeed, it is true. The executive mayor has been receiving anonymous death threats and because of the seriousness of the threats, she has reported them and opened a case.”

“Zukiswa Ncita ndikunika iintsuku ezintathu ndicela u resign makafike u Tuesday sowungabizwa ngokuba u meyor okanye uzakubasengxakini abantu emsebenzini abonwabanga nguwe oko yabanguwe. Ndifuna uyazi ukuba yonke into ngawe siyayazi nokuhlala kwakho. Yonke into siyixelelwe ngawe ndicela ke mamandini uyeke ukuba yi meya makafike u Tuesday uyekile or else uyakuthetha kwenye indawo,” reads one of the text messages seen by the paper.

A translation into English is: “Zukiswa Ncita I give you three days. I ask you to resign and by Tuesday you must not be called a mayor or you will be in trouble as people at work are not happy since you took over. I want you to know we know everything about you and where you stay. We’ve been told about you, I beg you, woman, to stop being mayor or else you will be speaking in other places.”

East London police said there had not been arrests yet.

On Thursday, the Dispatch also reported that ANC regional secretary, Pumlani Mkolo, had also received death threats.

Mkolo reported a case of intimidation to the police.

The paper said that at about 4.58pm on Tuesday, Mkolo received a text message from an “unknown number” instructing him “to resign within two days”, failing which his house would be bombed and Mkolo and his family killed.

Ncitha and Mkolo are allegedly among the central figures in a Buffalo City Municipality scandal involving R5.9 million that was meant for the funeral and memorial services for the late former President, Nelson Mandela.