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Police need help finding these dangerous criminals

Jun 16, 2018
Police need help finding these dangerous criminals

The SAPS are offering a reward to any person, who provides information that will lead to the successful arrest of the undermentioned suspects.

"These dangerous suspects have been involved in the taxi related murder cases around Mthatha,Qumbu, Tsolo, Libode and Nqgeleni," said police spokesperson, Captain Khaya Tonjeni.

"Although several suspects have already been arrested and appeared at courts, these suspects remain at large.

"Attempts to trace them thus far have been unsuccessful as they continually escape being arrested."

Melikhaya Ndaba

Thabile Ntshovulana

Latuzana Makhamba

"The community is cautioned not to approach these suspects as they are considered extremely dangerous," he added.

"From information received, they are suspected to be roving between provinces. They have been seen in  Johannesburg, Rusternburg, Cape Town and around Eastern Cape."

Captain Tonjeni said that the latest information suggests that these ruthless criminals, who have been the master minds of these attacks have hired hitmen targeting witnesses and police investigators.

"Anyone with information should contact Lt Col Mtshiyo 071 475 2272 / Capt Mdepha 082 319 8754 & Capt Buduza 071 485 1846. All information received is strictly confidential."

Main image: Zola Bishop Yolela