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Police officer in hospital after being severely assaulted by Zwelihle residents

Jul 20, 2018
Police officer in hospital after being severely assaulted by Zwelihle residents

The Overstrand Municipality on Friday announced that it had learnt that a Public Order Police (POP) officer was severely assaulted on Thursday night by protesting Zwelihle residents.

"He was transferred to a hospital in Cape Town on Friday morning. We are praying for him and his family," said spokesperson, Riana Steenekamp.

"We would like to extend our sincere appreciation to the families and partners of all who have kept us safe through these challenging circumstances during the last 10 days. We thank you for the support and assistance given to them and for allowing them to continue their duties and work very long hours."

Overstrand Municipality Mayor, Dudley Coetzee, also said; “A heartfelt thank you to those people who have worked like Trojans to keep this town running and ensuring that businesses remain open."


Department of Health confirmed that the Hermanus Community Day Centre will remain closed till next week.

"Patients are asked to visit the Hermanus Hospital to collect chronic medication for medical treatment and emergencies."

Overberg District Municipal Health inspectors are performing an assessment to determine the possible environmental health risks of the affected area.

SAPS and CPF update – The Tide Is Turning

A number of key arrests were made on Thursday night, Steenkamp said.

"The bail hearing of Mr. Gcobani Ndzongana took place this morning and he has been remanded in custody."

She said that the Imbizo with the Minister of Police, Gen. Bheki Cele, would take place at the Zwelihle Stadium at 14:00.

Steenkamp said that the current situation is as follows:

  • The critical injured POP member was transported to a Cape Town hospital via a Department of Health helicopter.
  • A number of key arrests were made last night and one of the weapons that was taken from the POP member has been recovered.
  • There are no signs of active protest action this morning.
  • The R43 remains open and clearing of the main access roads to Zwelihle has commence.
  • South African Police Service (SAPS) is performing a threat assessment of the affected area and the outcome thereof will determine if the planned service delivery can take place.
  • There are no signs of active protest action this morning.

Municipal Service Advisories:

"On a very promising note and an opportunistic feeling that today might be the turning point to end of the unrest in Zwelihle."

Access to Zwelihle

Steenkamp said that the access roads to Zwelihle are in the process of being cleared and the Municipality’s operational team is ready to start with much needed basic service delivery to the community - removing of refuse and cleaning public toilets in the informal areas to prevent health hazards.

Municipal Services

"Refuse removal will continue as per the normal Friday schedule in Hermanus Heights, Eastcliff, Kwaaiwater and Hawston. Bear in mind that trucks must drive to the Karwyderskraal landfill site as Hermanus Transfer Station is not operational," she added.

Western Cape Disaster Management (WCDMC)

Steenkamp said that on, Wednesday, the WCDMC was activated to provide emergency support the local Joint Operations Team. Including the following disaster support functions and resources:

  • Aerial support (2 x Oryx helicopters) on standby at SAAF, Ysterplaat
  • Helicopter for tactical and firefighting support
  • The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) provided a fully staffed Incident Command Unit.
  • Provincial Mutual Aid Agreement has been activated to include Overberg District Municipality and City of Cape Town Fire Services.