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Police operations in PE's Northern Areas yield positive results

May 1, 2017
Police operations in PE's Northern Areas yield positive results

Between Sunday and Monday, police in Port Elizabeth held a special operation clamping down on criminals in the northern areas.

The Station Commander of SAPS Bethelsdorp, Brig Zolani Xawuka, headed the operation and units included the Visible Gang Intervention Team, Cluster Crime Combatting Unit, Tactical Response Team, Public Order Policing, Air Wing and members from SAPS Bethelsdorp.

"The five hour operation yielded positive results and the following successes were achieved," said police spokesperson, Col Priscilla Naidu.

She saiud that about 10 search warrants were executed at houses in Bethelsdorp with a focus on drugs and firearms.

"During the execution at a house in Ext 33, a .38 firearm and 25 rounds were seized and an enquiry docket opened. The owner failed to renew her licence since expiration in 2015.

"Dagga, tik and mandrax were also confiscated. Three people were arrested for possession of drugs," added Colonel Naidu.

While patrolling the area, at about at 21:40 at Gloxinia Street Ext 34 Bethelsdorp, police officers chased a suspect into a house in Gloxinia Street.

They noticed the suspect dropping something.

"The 23-year-old suspect was arrested and a VZOR 7.65 pistol and 8 rounds were recovered," said Colonel Naidu. 

"The firearm was reported stolen in Humewood in March 2017. He was arrested for possession of unlicensed firearm and ammunition and will appear in court on Tuesday."

She added that during the same period, members chased another suspect in Gloxinia Street and as he ran he threw down a bag.

"The suspect (24) was arrested and a shotgun round was found in the bag. He was detained for unlawful possession of ammunition," said Colonel Naidu.

"During the stop and searches, a 9mm browning pistol and 15 rounds was found behind the seat of a Gold Opel Zafira. The firearm was stolen in a Kabega Park case in August 2015. The driver was arrested for illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition."

Several knives were also confiscated.  Four car radio CD players (faces) was also seized as found property.

The Acting Cluster Commander for Mount Road Cluster, Brig Keith Meyer has hailed the operation a success and has warned criminals that the SAPS will not tolerate criminality in the areas.

“We will continue with these operations and give the criminals no space to move and conduct their activities in these areas. We are committed in eradicating criminal behaviour and restoring peace and harmony to the people.

"It is only a matter of time before these criminals are arrested and brought before a court of law. We once again appeal to the communities to work with the police and to report criminals and criminal activity,” added Brig Meyer.