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Police say victim and perpetrator in assault video have not pressed charges

Aug 13, 2018
Police say victim and perpetrator in assault video have not pressed charges

Police on Monday said that they have noted with great concern the contents of a video circulating on social media.

"In the video, a young woman is allegedly assaulted by a man.

"As a consequence, local police have instituted an investigation and made contact with the alleged victim and the perpetrator, who was also allegedly assaulted by the friends of the victim," said police spokesperson, Colonel Sibongile Soci.

"Both have indicated that they are not opening cases. However, as the police, we remain open to further engagement should they change their minds." 

He said that police are calling on gender based violence victims, who find themselves in similar positions is to make use of the services available to them.

"Our FCS units in the province have specialized detectives with expertise in similar cases are always on hand to investigate. In addition, we offer trauma counseling to all victims of crime at our victim support facilities located at the police stations." 

SAPS Alice Cluster Commander, Brigadier Piet Wolvaard, said that he hopes the victims will open cases after they have received counselling by the institution, but also shared his concern on assault cases opened by victims, who after a few days, come back to close the cases.

“It remains concerning for the SAPS that victims of gender-based violence do open cases and close them a few days later. Many GBV victims are not willing to see the cases through the justice system and this is concerning as it looks like cases are only opened when people are still angry at each other,” added Brigadier Piet Wolvaard.