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Police warn the public ahead of the festive season

Nov 2, 2018
Police warn the public ahead of the festive season

As the festive season approaches, the SAPS is urging members of the public to be vigilant and not to leave valuables unattended in their cars.

"This relates to specifically electronic devices such as cellphones and laptops," described police spokesperson, Captain Mluleki Mbi.

"Suspicion has been raised that there is a possibility that criminals have means to track electronic devices left in vehicles. It is best to remove these items.

"It is also suggested for motor vehicle owners not to keep firearms and also that jamming devices that are still being used in their cars. Owners should also remember to check their doors before leaving their vehicles."

Capt Mbi said that it is also advised, to as far as possible, to keep vehicles behind locked and key and avoid it from being parked overnight in a public road or place.

"Cell phone users are requested to not walk in public with earphones on as it distracts your attention to your surroundings and possible lurking dangers, thus making you an easy target."

He said that, in addition, here are a few safety water precautions that might be useful:

  • Always swim with a buddy,
  • Swim only in areas that have a life guard,
  • Stay out of the water when you are very tired, very cold or over heated,
  • Obey the life guards' instructions, and
  • Never get into the water while under the influence of alcohol.

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