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 Port Elizabeth a place where we call home and one we love and can be proud of

By Charlotte Vermaak - Aug 1, 2016
 Port Elizabeth a place where we call home and one we love and can be proud of

"Many tourists come through to our city, and come year after year, and we’re lucky enough to call Port Elizabeth home,” remarks Charlotte Vermaak, Principal of Chas Everitt Nelson Mandela Bay.

“We allow people to make their house a home, and we want people to take pride and ownership of their city.”

And it’s easy to get involved, here are Charlotte’s favourite sources:

Project Nelson Mandela Bay
A private ‘good citizen’ initiative with the objective of making Nelson Mandela Bay ‘The greatest City in South Africa’, you can get involved too. Make use of your passion (Connected City project to help others uncover the city’s secrets), or even pet-peeve (combat littering with its Clean City project) to make a change to our city and join one of their projects. Find out more: http://www.projectnmb.co.za/

Pick up a paper
Pick up a local newspaper and browse what’s happening, and check out some of our city’s positive news stories. It’s also a great way to spot how you can add to the community,

There are so many groups to be part of and pages to follow to find out what’s happening here in PE. Some of our favourites are: What’s on in PE, Show Me PE and Animal Welfare Port Elizabeth for missing animals and assisting in animal care.

Tune in
Listen to the local radio! It’s a great way to find out what’s going on and how you can get involved. As well as finding out about all the latest gigs, events and fundraising initiatives. Also check out their websites – it’s a great source of information.

Travel Start
Check out their article with 41 things to do for free of R150 of less: http://www.travelstart.co.za/blog/things-to-do-port-elizabeth-under-r100