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Port Elizabeth beach safety campaign in full swing

JANUARY 2, 2015
Port Elizabeth beach safety campaign in full swing

The Nelson Mandela Bay Aquatics and Learn to Swim have started a beach safety campaign in order to ensure safety in Port Elizabeth's beaches.

The programme aims to educate people about the best swimming spots, universal beach rules and general beach safety.

The programme was in full swing on Thursday as many people flock to the beaches to celebrate New Year.

Although no drowning incidents have been reported at the Port Elizabeth's beaches, the Nelson Mandela Bay Aquatics is taking no chances. The programme seeks to prevent drownings.  

The instructors of the programme advise beachgoers of dangerous places where they should not swim. But lack of co-operation from people is still a major challenge facing these instructors.

"We are doing water safety awareness around King's Beach area, we direct people to the safe side where they can swim between the red and yellow flags," says Learn to Swim Development Officer, Yonwaba Sipeliti.

It is not only the beachgoers that benefit from this programme, but also the trainees are learning swimming skills. Most of the boys that have been trained to assist others come from previously disadvantaged backgrounds and knew nothing about swimming.

Programme coordinator Shaun Lloyd says they are planning to expand the programme next year by increasing the number of instructors, have better uniforms and include training session for children.