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Port Elizabeth Hip Hop artist Azz Veritazz releases new mixtape - Verum Dicere

By Nceba Dladla - Mar 5, 2015
Port Elizabeth Hip Hop artist Azz Veritazz releases new mixtape - Verum Dicere

Port Elizabeth Hip Hop artist Azz Veritazz released a mixtape entitled “Verum Dicere” in December. Verum Dicere is a Latin word used by the jury in the past to mean, “I speak the truth” said the man, whose name Azz Veritazz means ‘know the truth.’ 

Releasing a mixtape, he said, was a business decision which he took after looking at the direction the music industry was taking, especially that time of the year.  

“I promised my fans that I’d be dropping an album, ‘I am moving’ in December, but after serious considerations, and having read the direction that the industry was taking, I thought, hell no,   that’s not a good idea. Let me not do it now because every artist is releasing, we would be competing in the same space and if you’re up and coming like me you might be pushed aside, “he reasoned.

But because he had so much to offer, music that he recorded but was not part of the album, the artists better known as AV decided on releasing this 10-track mixtape which he produced.

In the mixtape AV features artists like Boni M, Deception, Piddy, Nandisa, VeEG who is an NMMU student originally from King Williams Town and Johannesburg-based Port Elizabeth-born Westbourne.

“I have worked with wonderful and talented artists. The mixtape is not half the work. It is the best entertaining album that speaks the truth on things and issues that affect us – humanity, “said AV, adding that both young and old music lovers enjoy Verum Dicere which also shows his maturity and growth, musically.

Azz Veritazz can be contacted on 071 041 3927 


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