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Port Elizabeth karateka travel to Okinawa

JULY 6, 2015
Port Elizabeth karateka travel to Okinawa

A group of eight Port Elizabethans are currently on a tour to Okinawa, a small island belonging to Japan that is famous for being the home and source of origin of karate. 

The team of karate students are all practitioners of Shorin-ryu Shorinkan and have been training with the head of this style, Hanshi JuDan Nakazato Minoru, or in English, the 10th degree black belt and head of the Shorin-ryu Shorinkan style, Minoru Nakazato.

The team consists of Kayla Stuthard, Shuaib Kieviets, Daren Stuthard, Dylan Burton, Karl von der Marwitz, Joshua Lawrence, Richard Lawrence and Nikita Carinus.  The tour consisted of them doing cultural tours, intense training, testing as well as competing in a local tournament.