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Port Elizabeth Pokémon GO players plan group hunt this weekend

By Jesica Slabbert - Jul 14, 2016
Port Elizabeth Pokémon GO players plan group hunt this weekend

As part of the global craze with the new Pokémon GO game, players based in Port Elizabeth are planning a group hunt to take place this Saturday and Sunday at the Boardwalk and at the PE Golf Course - so, in case you see a bunch of kids and adults chasing their smartphones or pointing them at you, do not be alarmed!

Ever since its release, Pokémon GO have been the most talked about subject on social media and one of the most downloaded games ever. The game offers something that most do not, which is the opportunity to discover new places in your own town, and meet new people that enjoy it just as much as you.

This gathering is one of the first group gatherings of this magnitude, with over 100 people planning to attend the event itself should be one for the history books.

This group hunt was arranged by fellow players, but Niantic, the creators of the game, have mentioned that they one day plan on making group events a regular occurrence in the game. So one day meeting up in groups will become the norm for Pokémon GO players.

Saturday’s group hunt is scheduled to start at 15h00, and Sunday’s at 12h00. The meeting place will be at Second Avenue, The Boardwalk Casino Complex in Summerstrand; which is known as a goldmine for Pokéstops, then a short explanation on how the event is suppoed to work will be had. Then the group will leave from The Lighthouse an walk clockwise inside The Boardwalk, at 18h00 the group then plans on walking along the beach to capture water types.

The Con.ect team will be tagging along and doing a short promo during the day to talk about their event.

This gathering was put together for the sole purpose of capturing Pokémon and gaining experience, so any interested players please feel free to join the Facebook group and sign up for the event so that you can one day become A Pokémon Master!