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Port Elizabeth police seek help in identifying unclaimed bodies

JULY 15, 2015
Port Elizabeth police seek help in identifying unclaimed bodies

Port Elizabeth police on Wednesday appealed to the public to assist them in identifying a man whose body has been lying in a State mortuary for more than three years now. According to the police, the man is believed to have drowned in the Swartkops River, in the Redhouse area, when he died.

The man was found on the 28th of June 2012 and since been in the New Brighton morgue. The man was wearing a blue T-shirt, a blue long-sleeve top and a blue-ish pajama short with pictures of boats and aeroplanes on it, when he was found.

In another case, police are also seeking public assistance in identifying a body retreived from the Swartkops River, early this year.

The man, which was found in Amsterdamhoek on te 21st of February, was wearing a yellow shirt, denim jacket, yellow-green tracksuit top, a blue tracksuit pants and white running shoes.

The man's body has an old operation scar on his stomach.

Police also need help with identifying a third body found in the Swartkops River. The body is of a man and was found naked at the Swartkops bridge on Sunday.

Then there is a case an identified woman, believed to be around 35 years old, which was found on the corner of Mpehla Street and Addo Road in Motherwell, also on Sunday.

Police suspect that the woman was raped and murdered elsewhere before her body dumped in Motherwell. 

Anyone who can identify any of the bodies can contact the police.