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Post SONA Sitting Day 1 Part 1: Zuma has shattered Mandela’s vision - Maynier

By Charl Bosch - Feb 18, 2015
Post SONA Sitting Day 1 Part 1: Zuma has shattered Mandela’s vision - Maynier

Democratic Alliance (DA) Shadow Minister for Defence and Military Veterans, David Maynier, has criticised President Jacob Zuma for “flipping the bird” to South Africans and destroying late former President Nelson Mandela’s dream during his six years as president.

Speaking during the first day of Zuma’s post State of the Nation Address in Parliament yesterday, Maynier said that Zuma had not only given the Constitution the middle finger, but also Parliament and South Africans, adding that despite his claims of fighting corruption, “a robbery-in-progress”, namely the upgrades at the president’s private Nkandla home, is taking place.

“A forensic audit report prepared by KPMG in 2006 found that ‘Zuma, in his personal capacity, did not have access to sufficient funds derived from his position, as an official employed by the South African Government, to fund his expenses and liabilities and as a consequence had to rely on funds from external sources”, Maynier said.

“At the time, “external sources” made 783 payments, totaling over R4 million, to the president. This illustrates the root cause of the problem, which is that 1) the president’s household expenses exceed his household income and 2) the president relies on external sources of funding to make up the difference between his household expenses and his household income”.

He said that despite Public Protector Thuli Madonsela’s Nkandla report, stating that Zuma should pay back a portion of the R246-million spend on Nkandla, “the report has been buried and the president has no intention of “paying back the money”.

Maynier added that the reasons for this, is that the country is being run by members “who in exile, ground and crush their opponents to win power”.

“The Executive has been crushed by appointing Cabinet ministers whose principal qualification is that they can be relied upon to say, “Yes, No. 1,” he said, referring to the codename given to Zuma after he had allegedly authorised the landing of a plane at the Waterkloof Air Force Base, carrying wedding guests of the government connected Gupta family.

“The perfect example of this, the Minister for State Security, David Mahlobo, who, when asked to jam the signal in this Parliament, could be relied upon to say, “Yes, No. 1.”

“The legislature has been crushed by appointing a Speaker of the National Assembly whose principal qualification is that she can be relied upon to say, “Yes, No. 1.” and by appointing committee chairpersons whose principal qualification is that they can be relied upon to say, “Yes, No. 1.”

He added that independent investigation units, which had been set-up to probe corruption, had all been “crushed by purging officials who don’t say, “Yes, No 1.”

“The Scorpions? Crushed! The Hawks? Crushed! The National Prosecuting Authority? Crushed! The Special Investigating Unit? Crushed! And the South African Revenue Service? Crushed!”

“That is why when the president tells us that “the fight against corruption continues” nobody believes him. Because, the truth is, he is not fighting corruption. He is fighting those who fight corruption.”

Maynier’s repetition of the term “Yes No.1” then resulted in fellow MP’s starting to chant the expression, which led to Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) National Spokesperson, Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, complaining to National Council of Provinces (NCOP) Deputy Chairperson and presiding officer, Raseriti Tau, about Small Business Development Minister Lindiwe Zulu, whom he referred to as ‘n ginger.

“She should stop singing “Yes No.1” in the house. It is destructive. She must be taken before the Powers and Privileges Committee because I am trying to listen and she is chanting”.

Responding to Ndlozi’s remarks, a visibly angry Zulu said, “the one who refers to me as ginger, the ginger will be outside”, leading to EFF leader, Julius Malema, accusing her of threatening a Member of Parliament

“She should withdraw her statement because this is going degenerate like we are being in a shabeen were people are threatening each other. We know her tendencies,” he said. Zulu later indirectly retracted the threat.