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Pre-paid electricity vending services in George – How it works

Sep 10, 2015
Pre-paid electricity vending services in George – How it works

George Municipality would like to confirm that the price per unit for electricity is determined by the National Energy Regulator (NERSA), then approved by Council as a Municipal rate, and implemented on 1 July 2015.

There are different tariffs which apply to Indigent Consumers, Holiday Homes and or 3 Phase consumers and all of these can be confirmed on the Municipal System and Tariffs for 2015/2016. (www.george.org.za)

The unit price for the majority of consumers in George is: R1.50 (Excl. Vat) / R1.72 (Incl. Vat)and no extra charges may be added when units are sold. Any vendor who adds an additional fee to the selling of electricity is transgressing and George Municipality encourages consumers to report any irregularities at the following contact numbers 086 122 0244 and 044 873 5474.

There are a variety of vendors and vending channels which exist to cater for all communities.  These vendors provide safe and secure off-set points and are distributed across the geographical area of George. 

Vending options currently provided include:

-       Municipal Cashiers 07:45 – 16:30 from Monday to Friday

-       Itron Direct Managed Vendors (a total of 40) that include:

o   24 Hour Vendors at several Petrol stations

o   Vendors geographically spread across George at shops and convenience stores

o   Internet Vending Options

o   Mobile Vending Options for Debit and Credit Card payments

-       Itron Indirect Vendors through Partner Systems and Services

o   These vendors include Major retail outlets and shopping centers

o   Banks

o   Alternative Internet and Mobile options

Detail of the vending footprint as well as the options available can be obtained from the Itron George Office (044) 873 5474.

Pre-Paid Meters may be blocked for several operational reasons that include Credit Control and Revenue Protection functions resulting in the consumer not being able to purchase electricity.  

A message indicating that the meter was blocked for Credit Control actions and that the George Municipality must be contacted on (044) 801 9111 will be displayed on some vendor tokens (not all vending options has this ability on their point of sale). In the unlikely event, that this may occur, consumers are encouraged to contact the George Municipality during office hours, or the after-hours Credit Control function: 072 874 2544for assistance.