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Premier Mabuyane announces focus areas of his advisors

Jul 17, 2019
Premier Mabuyane announces focus areas of his advisors

Port Elizabeth - On Tuesday, Eastern Cape Premier, Lubabalo Oscar Mabuyane, met with the Advisors appointed to provide strategic independent advice to him as the Premier of the Eastern Cape and by extension, to the provincial government.

The Advisory team are: Ms Notumato Gloria Serobe, Bishop Andile Mbete, Mr Thulani Tshefuta, Dr Vuyokazi Mahlathi, Professor Derrick Swartz.

"The advisors will provide advice that will sharpen government’s strategic planning programs to ensure that work done by government is structured to achieve the goals and objectives of the Provincial development Plan (PDP)," said Mabuyane.

"As the Eastern Cape we have to change the narrative of the province, reduce outward migration and the only way to do that is to create opportunities in the province for our people to access for their improvement.

"The Advisors will also work with the MECs on matters related to the constitutional mandates of their departments."

Mabuyane said that the responsibilities and focus areas of the Premier’s advisory team are to independently and jointly:

  • Provide Independent strategic advice on priority areas, strategy direction and activities of the Premier; 
  • Identify and draw attention of Premier to strategic opportunities and future priorities domestically or internationally that will enhance the Premiers programme of action;
  • Review policy documentation as required; 
  • Participate and promote the Eastern Cape in strategic engagements on the invitation of the Premier; and
  • Execute specific assignments on the instruction of the Premier. 
  • The Premier may direct the advisory team member(s) to provide strategic content support areas of sectoral importance.

Focus areas of the Premier's Advisors.

Dr Vuyokazi Mahlathi: Inclusive Economic Development, Land And Gender Strategic and content advisory on the following but not limited to: 

(a) Land restitutions, land reform and land utilisation in line with emerging local understandings, national protocols, and continental protocols including SADC.

(b) Economic development with advisory including on issues relating to; diversification of the EC Economy, economic drivers of the EC, and

(c) Gender Development,

(d) Skills Development.

Bishop Andile Mbete: Social Cohesion. Strategic and content advisory on social cohesion (not limited to):

(a) Advice on the drivers and blockages to social cohesion.

(b) Find expression between the Home of Legends and social cohesion narratives. 

(c) Social cohesion. 

(d) Strive for complementarity with Moral Regeneration Movement and the Civil Society Structures of the Province.

Ms Notumato Gloria Serobe: Development Finance, Rural Development And Agriculture. Strategic and content support on the unleashing the opportunities for sector based growth and development (not limited to):

a) Development finance

b) Rural development including issues of land tenure, traditional authorities. 

c) Agricultural transformation towards commodity production. 

d) Agricultural development partnerships that support commercialization. 

e) Spatial development and agricultural corridors 

f) Funding opportunities and possibility for expanded agrarian reform. 

g) Youth in agriculture and skills development. 

Prof. Derrick Swartz: Knowledge economy, research and innovation. Content and advisory support on the following issues:

a) 4th IR and social change 

b) Policy, Research and Development 

c) Innovation and Development 

d) Knowledge economy 

e) Building capabilities of the Institutions of Learning 

f) Education, Science and Technology

g) Oceans economy 

Mr Thulani Tshefuta: Youth Development. The advisor of Youth is a cross cutting hence the advisory works with all the mentioned area above on: 

a) Youth Development

b) Mainstreaming of youth development

c) Youth unemployment

d) Youth entrepreneurship

"In our meeting today, we focused on strategic approach for the province to address its socio-economic challenges to be able to grow to become the Eastern Cape we want. From the discussions we had today, the team will continue with its work targeting the coming planning cycle of government to structure the planning," Mabuyane added.

"It is important for the provincial government to engage all other sectors of the province, including the private sector to share the advice from the valuable expertise of the Premier’s Advisory team.

"We are using the public purse to redirect the private sector towards the goals envisaged by the PDP and we want to have structured partnership with the private sector to be actively involved in this program to build this province.

"We are doing this work to benefit the people of the Eastern Cape province and we are optimistic that we will achieve good results for their own good.

"We want to think outside the box of the ordinary government thinking so that we can develop the Eastern Cape to be the province we all want it to be. We have a responsibility to shape government and how government does things so that we can achieve results."

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