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Premier Mabuyane leads EXCO outreach ahead of visit by Ramaphosa

Sep 12, 2019
Premier Mabuyane leads EXCO outreach ahead of visit by Ramaphosa

Mthatha - Eastern Cape Premier, Lubabalo Mabuyane, is leading an EXCO outreach to the OR Tambo District on Thursday and Friday ahead of a launch that will be attended by President Cyril Ramaphosa.

"Our outreach as the Executive Council of the Eastern Cape Province to the OR Tambo District Municipality, which kicks off from 12-13 September 2019, is aimed at getting the district ready for the implementation of the new integrated service delivery approach to development that will be launched by President Cyril Ramaphosa on 17 September in Lusikisiki," said Premier Mabuyane. 

"During this outreach, all of us in the Executive Council from myself as the Premier, all MECs and heads of departments we will crisscross the OR Tambo district to interact with communities and local stakeholder groups to discuss how government will use the new integrated service delivery approach to development to address their development backlogs."

He said that part of the stakeholders they would be engaging are the public servants, who must fully understand the new integrated service delivery model approach to development because they will have to implement this model daily. 

OR Tambo district is home to 1,51 million residents representing a 2.6% of South Africa's total population, of which 93% reside in widely dispersed homesteads and small villages, has a huge infrastructure backlogs resulting into under development. 

"While the district has low industrial and economic activities, it has a massive agriculture and industrial hub potential that can have positive multiplier economic effect for this side of the province," the Premier said. 

 "Through the new integrated service delivery model approach to development, government wants to speed implementation of development through infrastructure investment, economic programs like the Wild Coast SEZ, Wild Coast Meander development, ongoing investment into agriculture, roads construction and upgrade, tourism and aquaculture to benefit local communities. 

 "The new integrated model approach to development will integrate planning, resourcing and implementation of government programs by bringing together national, provincial and local government spheres to implement development. 

"This will be more practical, achievable, implementable, measurable and clearly aligned to the key priorities of government. The new approach will means National departments will have district-level delivery capacity together with the provinces, integrate their resourced plans with Integrated Development Plans (IDPs) of municipalities in line with priorities identified in the State of the Nation address."

'Eastern Cape lagging behind in terms of development'

According to Mabuyane; "Our province has been lagging behind in development. This lagging behind has made us vulnerable to escalating costs of infrastructure development and experienced what can be termed investment strike by national state owned enterprises into the province’s infrastructure."

He said that through this new integrated service delivery model approach to development, "we will make sure that we work together with national and local government to bring resourced programs to implement longstanding infrastructure backlogs into the districts of municipalities". 

"Because this is an important element in the building of the Eastern Cape We Want, we will now duplicate this model in other districts of the province so that the complaints about lack of development and services like water, roads, electricity, are addressed with speed. 

"This is the conversation we will have with the people of the district so that they understand what is it that government is doing in implementing the items that have been on their IDPs, which sometimes were not implemented because of limited budgets," the Premier said. 

"During these meetings we will also call on the people of the district to play their role in the success of this new integrated service delivery model approach to development so that what we implement is not frustrated by destruction of property and vandalism. 

"We want the development to come through this new integrated service delivery model approach to benefit local communities, local businesses that will create jobs for local people, circulate the money within the province to stimulate the growth of out economy. 

"This is the work we are doing as government led by President Ramaphosa who has identified the pattern of operating in silos as a challenge which led to lack of coherence in planning and implementation and has made monitoring and oversight of government’s programme difficult."

Addressing unemployment in OR Tambo District

Mabuyane added that through this intervention we are going to collectively address the 35% unemployment rate, further decrease the 74.48% percentage of people living in poverty in this District. 

"The fact that the percentage of people living in poverty has decreased from 81.16% in 2006 to 74.48% in 2016, which indicates a decrease of 6.68 percentage points, shows that government and private sector interventions were making welcome progress. 

"As we can see, the people of OR Tambo still need more of our investment and integrated development programs to have a better life," the Premier described. 

"Currently, community services which is more of government, is the biggest employer in the OR Tambo district at 37%, with trade at 23%, finance at 21%.

"Key sectors like Agriculture, manufacturing, electricity, construction are between 1 to 5% respectively, showing reasons why the OR Tambo district needs this new integrated service delivery model approach to development by government."

He added that the people of the province have experienced the disintegration of rollout of government programs and this has been very costly to the public purse, resulting into some infrastructure and socio-economic projects not being completed. 

"Implementation of the new integrated service delivery approach to development will help us accomplish the goals and targets of the Provincial Development Plan faster and this requires all of us to move prudently with the speed of light. 

"The province welcomes the national government’s decision to pilot this new integrated service delivery approach to development in the OR Tambo District and as the province we will continue working with national government to ensure that all identified strategic projects are successfully implemented to benefit the people of this province," Mabuyane said. 

"Our focus is to ensure that all the 322 000 household of the OR Tambo District, especially the poor households, ensure that households in these communities get access to government services and benefit from development programs of government."

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