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Preparing and paying your taxes stressing you out? Leave it all to Mazars

Mar 1, 2017
Preparing and paying your taxes stressing you out? Leave it all to Mazars

The consequences of inadequate or incorrect treatment of tax issues by an individual or corporate taxpayer may not only damage it financially, but blemish its name within the community and the market in which it trades.

As specialists in tax accounting and tax law, Mazars has a multi-disciplinary team, who will help you manage your tax affairs in ways that enable you to maximise your income and profitability whilst ensuring compliance with tax laws.

Navigating this shifting landscape and making sure that you are not paying unnecessary tax while remaining fully compliant, should be our problem – not yours.

We value the importance of relationships, especially over the long term. Getting to know your needs over time means we will become more knowledgeable of your affairs, gain a better understanding of your business, and can react proactively to changing tax requirements in line with your unique circumstances.

Our Services

Compliance and Tax Management

By making use of the latest cutting-edge tax management software, we will ensure that your tax returns are accurate and complete, limiting human error and minimising your tax liability.

For companies, we do;

  • Tax registration,
  • Provisional tax returns,
  • Income tax returns,
  • Supplementary (IT14SD) reconciliations and returns,
  • Withholding tax returns (e.g. dividends, interest and royalties),
  • Applications in respect of the Voluntary Disclosure Programme, and
  • Tax clearance certificates and Tax directives.

Individuals and trusts, Mazars provides the following services;

  • Tax registration,
  • Provisional tax returns,
  • Income tax returns,
  • Withholding tax returns (e.g. dividends, interest and royalties),
  • Ad hoc returns e.g. donations,
  • Applications in respect of the Voluntary Disclosure Programme,
  • Tax clearance certificates and Tax directives, and
  • Residency certificates.

Corporate tax advice

Structuring companies so that they benefit from high operational performance and legal protection, whilst ensuring that they don’t pay more tax than is necessary, provides the foundation for many a successful business. And, as you grow you must be certain that expansion will not be hampered by unforeseen liabilities.

We can assist with:

  • business transactions, mergers and acquisitions,
  • corporate restructures and re-organisations,
  • management buy-outs, exit planning and succession,
  • group tax analysis and restructuring,
  • employee share incentive schemes,
  • applications for tax rulings,
  • business start-ups, and
  • joint ventures.

International tax advice

In an ever-changing global landscape where multinational organisations have to navigate legislative, regulatory and tax developments, Mazars is able to adapt and provide pertinent international tax advice to its clients. Through our worldwide offices and the Praxity Alliance, Mazars has vast international coverage and experience.

We are able to provide advice on:

  • cross border investments and transactions,
  • residency, permanent establishments and Controlled Foreign Companies,
  • transfer pricing and thin capitalisation,
  • double taxation agreements and foreign tax credits,
  • compliance with Reserve Bank regulations,
  • treatment of foreign exchange differences, and
  • all other matters relating to international transactions.

Tax accounting

The complex regulatory accounting environment in which we find ourselves today increases the need to have up to date knowledge of relevant accounting standards and their relationship with tax. Our highly qualified chartered accountants are able to assist with a wide range of accounting related tax issues.

We are able to assist with:

  • comprehensive due diligence and tax reviews,
  • corporate tax calculations,
  • Public Benefit Organisations and tax exempt entity tax calculations,
  • tax accounting for implementation of restructures and re-organisations transactions,
  • tax provisioning, and
  • pre-issuance reviews.

Tax dispute resolution

At Mazars, we pride ourselves on achieving the best possible outcome for the taxpayer with a notably high success rate.

We assist in dispute resolution in respect of all taxes:

  • drafting of objections and appeals,
  • attending to SARS enquiries and liaising with SARS to efficiently resolve matters,
  • assisting clients with the SARS audit process,
  • representing clients in alternative dispute resolution reviews with SARS,
  • representing clients in the Tax Board, and
  • briefing legal teams for the Tax Board/Court.

Indirect tax advice

The increased responsibility of accurate indirect tax data has placed the taxpayer with a burden to ensure the accurate treatment of all indirect taxes, be it in the form of Value Added Tax (VAT) or Customs and Excise. We provide assistance in identifying risk areas assisting our clients to meet their indirect tax compliance obligations.

We advise clients and assist in:

  • consulting services regarding the application of the VAT Act,
  • VAT risk identification and assessment,
  • VAT implications of proposed business transactions (local and international),
  • general customs and excise advisory services,
  • compliance reviews,
  • health checks,
  • dispute resolution,
  • calculation reviews, and
  • general advice.

Private clients

Any effective wealth or financial strategy must consider the impact of taxes. We offer a combination of sophisticated tax planning, consulting and compliance services with our signature high level of personal attention.

Gaining an understanding of your unique needs allows us to focus on uncovering opportunities for tax savings so that you can concentrate on building, protecting, and preserving your wealth.

We advise clients and assist with:

  • tax compliance and tax management,
  • SARS tax audits/investigations/lifestyle audits,
  • philanthropy planning,
  • cross border planning – immigration or emigration,
  • exchange control,
  • estate and trust planning,
  • estate administration,
  • establishing trusts,
  • administration, preparation of annual accounts and tax returns of estates and trusts, and
  • advice to beneficiaries and trustees.

Global mobility

Deploying staff on global assignments can create escalating challenges for managing the risks arising from tax, social security, immigration, payroll and corporate tax considerations.

We advise clients and assist with:

  • expatriate and employer tax compliance in home and host countries,
  • development of tax efficient global mobility policy,
  • expatriate and employer tax advisory,
  • international social security,
  • international employee payroll,
  • immigration, and
  • global equity incentives – employer obligations.

For more information, visit Mazars Port Elizabeth at 30 Bird Street, Central, Port Elizabeth, or call 041 501 9700. Also visit them at www.mazars.co.za