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President Zuma’s second inauguration screened live for Cookhouse residents

Aug 4, 2014
Residents watch the second inauguration of President Jacob Zuma on a big screen at Madiba community Hall, Cookhouse, courtesy of Government Communication and Information System (GCIS) in partnership with the Cacadu District and Blue Crane Route municipalities

On the 24th of May, residents of Cookhouse, in the Blue Crane Route Local Municipality, came out in their numbers to view the inauguration of President Jacob Zuma, who was sworn in at the start of his second term at the Union Buildings, in Pretoria.

The live screening, which was held at Madiba Community Hall, was organised by the Eastern Cape office of Government Communication and Information System (GCIS), in partnership with the Cacadu District and Blue Crane Route municipalities in an effort to bring government programmes closer to communities.

 In his inauguration speech, President Zuma said that government has made a lot of progress in transforming South Africa.

“Millions of our people now have access to basic social services and an improved quality of life, which they did not enjoy before the dawn of freedom.

“Today, we wish to acknowledge the contribution of every South African to the process of renewal, reconstruction and development of this country in the past 20 years of freedom. It is through your hard work, that we are able to count so many achievements in only 20 years of freedom,” he said.

“However, our work is not yet completed. Last year, we conducted a frank formal review of progress made in the past 20 years of democratic rule. The review indicated that South Africa is a much better place to live in now than before 1994, due to the transformative policies of our democratic government.

“At the same time, the review also confirmed that while the lives of millions of people have improved, poverty, inequality and unemployment still persists.”

He said that the past 20 years was just the first phase of transforming the country, as outlined in the National Development Plan (NDP), and will require more dedicated efforts from all South Africans.

“At a social level, as outlined in the NDP, our vision is to develop communities where households will have access to housing, water, electricity, sanitation, safe and reliable public transport, health, education, security, recreational facilities, a clean environment and adequate nutrition, amongst other things,” said the President.

“Economic transformation will take centre-stage during this new term of government as we put the economy on an inclusive growth path.

“As the NDP outlines, the structure of the economy will be transformed through industrialisation, broad-based black economic empowerment and through strengthening and expanding the role of the state in the economy.”

He also said that government will pursue land restitution and redistribution – amongst other forms of empowerment; infrastructure development – delivering schools, railways, ports, universities, clinics, colleges, power stations and roads, amongst other projects, to grow an inclusive economy, which creates jobs and provides opportunities for all, especially the youth. “With regards to safety and security, our vision is to ensure that by 2030, people living in South Africa should feel completely safe at home, at school and at work at any given time,” described

President Zuma.

“We do not take this confidence bestowed upon us lightly. We are truly humbled and will do all in our power to build a South Africa in which all citizens will have a sense of belonging and hope for a brighter future.”

Cookhouse residents who spoke to Cacadu News said that they were grateful for the opportunity to view the Presidential inauguration live. They said that government has done a wonderful job so far but more work was needed to improve life in their communities.