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Private security workers call for improved working conditions in the Department of Labour hearings

Private security workers call for improved working conditions in the Department of Labour hearings

Workers in the private security sector have called for a living wage and improved working conditions. They also appealed to the Department of Labour to enforce a new minimum wage determination immediately and not defer until September.

This emerged today in Vereeniging during Private Security Sector public hearings currently conducted by the Department of Labour to review the minimum wage and conditions of employment in the sector.

The Private Security Sectoral Determination is coming to an end in August, and the new year and the multi-year determination is expected to be in force on September 1.

Wages in the sector average between R3000 to R4000 and workers in the inputs want minimum wages of between R5000 to R7500. 

The workers are also calling for an improved Nightshift allowance, and the introduction of a medical aid. 

According to workers, on average they work 12 hours a day and their wages are not commensurate with their working hours. They also argue that their wages do not qualify them for bonds. 

The Department of Labour is inviting all stakeholders in Private Security Sector who are directly and indirectly affected including employers, employer organisations, employees, and trade unions to attend national public hearings in which they will be allowed to voice their inputs.

In terms of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA) Labour Minister should consult with stakeholders in the sector with the aim to source information in relation to the wage adjustment.  

More public hearings are to be held in Gauteng this week in Orange Groove, Kempton Park and Pretoria Labour Centre. 

All public hearings start at 10am. They will end on 06 March in Nelspruit (Mbombela), Mpumalanga and in Bethlehem, Free State respectively.

The public hearings are canvassing inputs on the rate at which wages should be pegged, the applicable timeframe, and a review of working conditions


Image courtesy of: www.govpage.co.za