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Pro bodybuilder, John Leslie speaks about training and nutrition

By Hendrik Langenhoven - Oct 23, 2015
Pro bodybuilder, John Leslie speaks about training and nutrition

Pro bodybuilder, John Leslie, returned to Port Elizabeth this week as a WBBF Champion, and with the help of Supplements SA hopes to promote the bodybuilding sport within the Bay.

John, who has 15 years of experience in the sport, held a conference at The Venue, situated in Prospect Road, Walmer on Wednesday evening, where he spoke to young athletes and trainee bodybuilders about pursuing perfection in training as well as about the importance of nutrition.

John opened the event with a graceful announcement that he just came back from Lithuania as the WBBF Champion, and thanked his sponsor of 12 years, Supplements SA, for making the trip to PE possible.

John spoke about the sport itself, its difficulties, its rewards, the commitment it takes, the focus and frustrations. He also spoke about the health risks and injuries athletes might have to face.

“We are all human, and as all humans we age and the body ages with us, so as you get older you have to train smarter,” he said.

He also spoke about the importance of nutrition.

“It is very important to eat what you are supposed to. Food is our energy source, and it also builds muscle. You can’t just eat whatever you want; food gives us energy and power for training. Proper nutrition is essential," John stated.

Crowed members also received the opportunity to ask him questions about training, muscle conditioning and cardiovascular workouts.

If any athlete would like to reach John you can inbox his Facebook  Page