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Professional Computer Literacy is pivotal in business success

By Monique Anvari - Jul 14, 2017
Professional Computer Literacy is pivotal in business success

As computers are now provided with a ‘friendly’ interface, the PC environment provides the opportunity for many users to stark ‘doing things’ and even learn to carry on certain tasks repeatedly.  So casual and un-instructed learning is practiced, especially due to economic barriers. 

On the other hand people have had taken relevant program courses.  However, in many cases, they have not gone through a set of professional learning, they forgot essential features due to lack of practice, and are faced with the challenges of new program versions – with all their new concepts, features, and practices.

In both scenarios, the underlying problem is often not known to themselves or their associate managers, as all ‘assume’ that they already know.

Furthermore, when one under any of these conditions works on PC for x number of years, and keeps struggling and waiting time with many features – due to lack of professional knowledge - automatically is judged that he would need to take an Intermediate or Advanced Level Course, to remedy the problem.  The relevance of that course to other prerequisite courses is not even acknowledged, or hard to accept.

People at clerical level or even at supervisory or senior positions specially are reluctant to this acknowledgement, as they subconsciously relate this issue to their general work performance or level or authority. They practically struggle, waist time, loose their focus on the actual tasks, and often blame themselves - which is not pleasant and often can lead to lose of one’s confidence!

Although expert consultation plays a positive role, many ‘assume’ that they know where they stand and what course to take to improve and not struggle.

Aggressive and corruptive IT marketing  – based on who knows whom – which leads to bulk deals, assumption of budgeting and not spending on IT training, and other similar factors also contribute to lack of professional learning.

What is the solution; and ow can we assist?

The solution is professional assessment to determine where the gaps are.

We can assist with the following:

Professionally determining where the person stands with his/her prior knowledge, what are the gaps, and what courses/levels would remedy? 

We do this by:

Diagnostic Assessment – free with any order

Baseline Assessment, by booking

Accredited Tested Assessment, by booking.

When this procedure is taken, it guarantees systematic learning, and guaranteed level of confidence to deal with this rapidly changing environment of IT. 

It also increases productivity and the quality of relative work performance – which is really individual and company growth and better service to community.

Remember IT is the centre of business and success, and Professional Computer Literacy is the pivotal point of IT!

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