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Progress with investigations into available land in KLEINMOND

Oct 9, 2018
Progress with investigations into available land in KLEINMOND

Positive progress has been made with the investigations into potential development options on available and developable land in Kleinmond, alternatives to upgrade Overhills informal settlement and to investigate how the needs of the backyard dwellers in Prodeadorp can be relieved.

"Overstrand Municipality understands all residents in Kleinmond are keen to find solutions for the challenges facing us and we wish to thank all residents for their participation through the public meetings held earlier this year, input provided through the Ward Committees, the public debate on the issues and communications received in which concerns and positive recommendations were raised," said municipal spokesperson, Riana Steenekamp.

"We believe all of this will contribute to the ultimate solution for Kleinmond.

"Following the public meetings held in March and April this year the needs and concerns raised, were considered and although all do not fall within the ambit of the current study, they will be addressed at the correct forums."

She said that it is, however, also important that a holistic approach to addressing the challenges Kleinmond is facing, is maintained, whilst various work groups are dealing with the details thereof.

"The professional team completed a detailed contextualisation of the current urban design and structure in Kleinmond and made recommendations on future urban design concepts and densification within Kleinmond," Steenekamp.

"Various parcels of land for a spectrum of development opportunities were identified and the evaluations thereof, including specialist input, are nearing completion."

Considerations in evaluating the land

Some of the considerations in evaluating the land are:

  • Needs and concerns identified by Kleinmond community
  • Urban design context
  • Environmental impacts (botany, fresh water and visual)
  • Availability and capacity of infrastructure
  • Topography of the sites
  • Geotechnical conditions
  • Conservation areas
  • Need and desirability of developments
  • Social benefits
  • Possible development opportunities on the various sites
  • Cost of development

"Each parcel of land has its own challenges, but several quick win sites on Council land have been identified although it will still be subject to Council acceptance and statutory processes. The preliminary proposals will be discussed at a Project Steering Committee meeting during October 2018," Steenkamp explained.

"One of the biggest challenges to be resolved, is the verification of the actual need and demand for various types of housing in Kleinmond.

"The available housing waiting lists and baseline information are no longer representative and Council has engaged with Western Cape Government: Department Human Settlements to assist with the field surveys and the financing of the verification process and data base compilation."

She said that once the verification and needs analysis have been completed for Kleinmond, it will provide the required information to determine what typologies of housing, e.g. market related, rental, GAP, affordable or services stands are required in Kleinmond and if Kleinmond residents would rather prefer housing in areas outside of Kleinmond.

"A final report will thereafter be prepared for consideration by the Project Steering Committee followed by an open house public meeting where the findings of the report will be displayed and discussed. Kleinmond residents will have the opportunity to comment on the proposals."

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