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Project Nelson Mandela Bay- the good citizen initiative that aims to make the city great

By Liesl Silverman - Jul 23, 2018
Project Nelson Mandela Bay- the good citizen initiative that aims to make the city great

Formed in 2013, Project Nelson Mandela Bay is a private, non-profit, good citizen initiative, with the vision of making Nelson Mandela Bay one of the greatest cities in South Africa.

The initiative relies on the collaboration of local businesses and the citizens of the Bay, to get behind the project and help elevate the Bay.

A core committee was established to manage the project and oversee the appointed task teams, which work on projects in key development sectors.

Theses development sectors consist of - Clean City, Safe City, Connected City, Smart City IGEMS and Events Team.

These five development sectors each have a task team made up of volunteers that work tirelessly to achieve the project’s goals.

Clean City task team, which is headed by Kay Hardy, organises Clean-up projects such as the recent clean up in Walmer Township, where they used the two-bag system, one bag for waste and one bag for recycle items, which can be sold for income.

Connected City is headed by Devereaux Joubert and installed a free Wi-Fi Zone at the Greenacres Taxi rank, so that people in the city can stay connected.

Smart City IGEMS team, headed by Evan Dold, has formed a number of partnerships for the tuition of mathematics and science for grade 11 and 12 students and currently has 65 students on the programme.

The Events Team, headed by Nicola Smith is currently setting up the Madiba Meander Event.

There is also a Steercom for the Initiative, which consists of the Chair- Prince Matonsi, Acting CEO- Michelle Brown, Co-ordinators- Manusha Reddy, Luvuyo Bangazi, Robyn Watermeyer and Kobus Gerber.

Project NMB Acting CEO, Michelle Brown, said “There are various initiatives running across all four Teams and all endeavour to run in collaboration with the Metro infrastructure. We firmly believe that Teamwork is Dreamwork”.

The project has built strong relationships with third party organisations, such as – Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber, Mandela Bay Development agency, Nelson Mandela University, NMU Business School and Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism, to name a few.

Marketing and Communications Manager at Mandela Bay Development Agency, Luvuyo Bangazi, said “We have seen a lot of enthusiasm from the public, from businesses and different stakeholders getting involved in the project and moving it forward”.

Citizens and businesses that support Project NMB, contribute to the long term growth and development of the city.

Project NMB is a logical business intervention to help boost the City’s economy, stabilize the job market, create new job opportunities, improve the City’s marketability, attract foreign investment, boost local pride in the City and improve the quality of life for generations to come.

If you would like to partner with or contribute to Project NMB, contact: 041 451 3197 or visit the website: www.projectnmb.co.za

Image: Greenacres Taxi Rank Free Wifi zone, left to right: Devereaux Joubert (Head of Connected City), Busi Chinaliro (Learner), Lonwabo Faku (Learner), Lynne van Wyk (Amobia).