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Protest at Union Buildings turns violent as NMMU students go on the march

By Charl Bosch - Oct 23, 2015
Protest at Union Buildings turns violent as NMMU students go on the march

The ongoing student protests outside the Union Buildings in Pretoria has turned violent after riot police were forced to fire stun grenades as the wiring surrounding the precinct was cut.

Although none of the students made it pass police despite numerous attempts, a reported two news camera men were injured when protesters hurled rocks, water bottles and pieces of wood over the fence. A water cannon was also deployed with many student risking serious injury by jumping on the vehicle as it drove by.

Tyres and a portable toilet were also set alight after students demanded that President Jacob Zuma address them in providing feedback on his meeting with various Vice-Chancellors.

Razor wire has since been deployed after police were forced back due to students continuing to dismantle the fence with rocks.

Elsewhere, students at the Summerstand and Second Avenue Campuses of the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) have reportedly started marching towards Town Hall after tyres were earlier set alight at the main North and South Campuses.


IMAGE sourced from eNCA




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