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Protesters demand Mayor Trollip takes urgent action to address violence against women

By Afikile Lugunya - Aug 1, 2018
Protesters demand Mayor Trollip takes urgent action to address violence against women

There was unhappiness among protesters after Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Executive Mayor, Athol Trollip, said he would ‘consider’ the issues highlighted their memorandum of demands following a #TheTotalShutdown My Body is NOT Your Crime Scene! March held in Port Elizabeth.

Apparently, the women felt it was an insult and started shouting at the Mayor that there was nothing to consider because their demands about safety and security were a matter of urgency not something to be considered.

"I give you an assurance that I will consider this petition and hand it to the police as well and to every single person, who needs to deal with the responsibility to give it the attention it deserves,” Trollip said before he was interrupted by the protesters.

Said Nobubele Phuza, a local women’s rights activist, "We are way past consideration that is why we are here and the reason why we are triggered is because we don't want the word ‘considerations’.”

Trollip said he'd give their demands attention.

Phuza continued; "Thank you, the words we were looking for were ‘immediate action’ or ‘urgency’ not consider because you should have considered this a month ago when we said we were organising the March before the first of August."

Trollip apologised while explaining that his commitment and solidarity is with all the women.

He said before the marchers arrived, a committee meeting was held in the morning.

"This day, is important to mark the Women's Month, we are supposed to celebrate the existence of women, but it is impossible to celebrate that existence when we haven't marked the fact that we are dying, our bodies are becoming invisible,” Phuza added.

"The way forward after the march is to continue the protests every now and again because this will not end today, but we're just came together to say that we're amplifying the voice.”

A 72-year-old woman, Nancy Lasi, from Kwazakhele, who took her time to join the March, said: “As a woman, it is painful and sad when I hear stories of women being abused, so I had to join the march to show solidarity."

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