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Provision of land for emergency and other housing needs in Overstrand

Jun 1, 2018
Provision of land for emergency and other housing needs in Overstrand

The Executive Mayor of the Overstrand Municipality, Dudley Coetzee, addressed Council on Wednesday regarding the provision of land for emergency and other housing needs.

Since the start of the unrest on 23 March 2018, Mayor Dudley Coetzee, Mayoral Committee members and the Administration engaged with leaders representing affected people from various communities across the Overstrand Municipal area.

Their primary demand is for Overstrand Municipality to provide emergency housing for families in backyards that are exploited by property owners, e.g. overcrowded properties, high rental amounts, etc.

Although Overstrand Municipality has various housing projects to be funded by Provincial and National Government in the pipeline, it was agreed to assist the most vulnerable families by way of the following arrangements, in respect of Zwelihle, Masakhane, Stanford and Overhills:

  • Provide emergency housing on portions of land and earmarked for future housing developments. The minimum floor space for emergency housing is 12m2 (3m x 4m) in accordance with the Provincial Department of Human Settlements.
  • A building line of at least 1 meter must be maintained around each informal unit in order to promote fire safety.
  • Where necessary (due to oversized, individually affected families, the Administration may provide a bigger floor space).
  • In Zwelihle and Stanford, respectively, approximately 150 sites will be developed.
  • In Masakhane two portions of land were identified which should provide a similar number of stands as in aforementioned communities.
  • An agreement was reached that affected families in Kleinmond would relocate from the area of the stream and reservoir onto a piece of land adjacent to the existing informal settlement. The community leaders committed to working with the Administration to create space for vulnerable families within the boundaries of the informal settlement.
  • In the case of Zwelihle, the community must provide the Municipality/Province with a list of the most vulnerable, potential beneficiaries, for the emergency housing opportunities.
  • These lists will be vetted against the housing demand database for Overstrand Municipality and only potential first-time home owners will be accommodated.

Currently, the highest priority for the Municipality is to make available affordable serviced sites for housing in Mount Pleasant and Westdene.

The housing project currently in progress in Hawston will provide 378 RDP houses and 107 serviced erven. However, various demands were received from the Hawston community in a petition. The items on the petition were discussed with leaders and councillors at a meeting on 28 May 2018 and a written reply will be prepared.

Several deadlines and target dates have been discussed and agreed upon with leaders representing affected communities, including Ward Councillors and Ward Committee Members, who attended the meetings.