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Public and businesses warned of criminals claiming to be from Department of Labour

Feb 13, 2018
Public and businesses warned of criminals claiming to be from Department of Labour

The Department of Labour says it has learnt of a number of potential criminals masquerading as officials of the department. These potential criminals are targeting the farming community in and around Bethlehem area in the Free State province.

At this stage it is not yet known what type of crimes do they intend to commit, how and when.  They go around farms identifying themselves as officials from the department and use unmarked vehicles and have got no identity cards.

“We resolved to be pro-active and warn employers, workers as well as the general public and urged to be wary and vigilant since the department does not yet know when and how will they strike. 

"Members of the public are further urged to contact their local police should they suspect any foul play during their interactions with people claiming to be officials of the Department of Labour,” said Nomfundo Douw-Jack - Chief Director: Provincial Operations.

The South African Police Service is hot on the heels of these individuals and also call upon members of the public with information which may lead to the arrest of these individuals to come forward and give such information at their nearest police station.

Some of the common characteristics and factors the public needs to note to differentiate between a legitimate labour official and a fraudster are the following;

  • The labour official will always use a departmental email address in his/her correspondence,
  • These officials always carry and should, upon request, produce identity cards and/or appointment letters with the department’s letterhead and own Persal number,  
  • The department is well aware that these individuals, together with other villains like them, can try and manufacture their own identity cards and appointment letters, thus it also encourages employers to contact the Department of Labour HR office should they somehow still suspect foul play. The number to call is as follows: 051 505 6230 / 31.
  • Alternatively, they can contact fraud hotline on: 08600 22 194 / fraud@labour.gov.za