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Public invited to exhibition by acclaimed local artist George Mnyaluza Milwa Pemba

Jul 11, 2017
Public invited to exhibition by acclaimed local artist George Mnyaluza Milwa Pemba

The Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Art Museum invites the public of Nelson Mandela Bay to the opening of an exhibition of works by the acclaimed Nelson Mandela Bay artist, George Mnyaluza Milwa Pemba on the 19th of July 2017, starting at 18h00.

"The exhibition curated from the Museum’s permanent collection is in celebration of the generous donation of the three Pemba oil paintings depicting different scenes in Nelson Mandela Bay including a scene of New Brighton in 1957, an image of the Horse Memorial from 1965 and a large oil painting of New Brighton pensioners collecting their pension that was originally given to the Black Sash organization by George Pemba in 1993," the municipality said in a statement.

"The donation of these three works is made in honour of anti-apartheid activist and civil rights campaigner, Molly Blackburn."

Pemba is described as the grandfather of art in Nelson Mandela Bay. 

"His work represents a significant artistic contribution to the history of art in South Africa.  In 2004 the South African Government bestowed George Pemba with the Order of Ikhamanga in Gold at the National Orders awards for his pioneering and exceptional contribution to the development of the art of painting and literature," the municipality said. 

"As Pemba is a historically important figure within South African art history and in particular Eastern Cape art history, these three donations will add to the prestige and intellectual value of the existing collection of Pemba artworks located in the NMM Art Museum permanent collection. 

"By collecting art, the NMM Art Museum promotes the development of a dynamic regional collection that will reflect the history and character of art, craft and design produced in the Eastern Cape and its relationship to national and international trends.

"George Pemba is a great example of a painter, who beat all the odds to become a great artist. The Art Museum will further use these acquisitions in our education and outreach programs to uplift and inspire local emerging artists."

In addition to the exhibition, the Art Museum has organized in honor of Mandela Month and George Pemba, a program of outreach and gallery tour visits for the retired communities of Nelson Mandela Bay.

Community groups and old age establishments are invited to contact the Art Museum, to be accommodated in the programme.

Contact the art museum at:

  • Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Art Museum
  • Address: 1 Park Drive, Central Port Elizabeth 6001
  • Telephone: 041 506 2000  
  • Fax: 041 586 3234