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Public lighting in NMB has been “affected severely” by theft

Oct 10, 2014
Public lighting in NMB has been “affected severely” by theft

Public lighting in Nelson Mandela Bay has been “affected severely” in the past as a result of “extensive theft of cables and street lighting and high mast lighting infrastructure.

In a report to the Municipal Public Accounts Committee, the Electricity and Energy Directorate says other factors such as illegal connections to street lighting and the high mast networks has created “a huge backlog”.

The report says that “numerous steps” have been taken over the past two months to deal with street and high mast lighting “in a concerted way”.

It states that the changing of high mast lighting to energy efficient lighting is in progress and high mast lights in New Brighton, Walmer, Motherwell and KwaNobuhle have been retrofitted with LED luminaires. The programme now involves completing the process in KwaNobuhle before going to other areas.

In addition, it says that 60 lights along the M4 have been changed to energy efficient lighting and cables that had been stolen in many locations are being replaced.

The report says that a pilot project for a management system for high mast lighting is currently being implemented in the Walmer Township.

The management system will let the controller know when a high mast light is not working, while the level of lighting can be controlled remotely to reduce consumption.

The report adds that rolling out the management system to the entire metro will depend on the availability of the required budget with a private-public partnership one option. - metrominutes

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