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Public warned after old yet live mortars found at Uitenhage's Strelitzia dam

Oct 14, 2019
Public warned after old yet live mortars found at Uitenhage's Strelitzia dam

Uitenhge - The South African Police Service in Uitenhage is warning the community not to physically pick up or handle any strange/foreign objects that they recover at the Strelitzia dam in Uitenhage.

"This urgent warning follows after two people found two old and unused mortars in the dam on Friday and transported them not realising that they could have had fatal effects," said police spokesperson, Captain Gerda Swart.

"It was later discovered that these two mortars were in fact still live and could have detonated.

"The SAPS Bomb Disposal Unit from Port Elizabeth were informed and the mortars were deactivated."

Again on Saturday, a man was fishing at the same dam and a third live mortar was discovered.

"The man also unknowingly handled it. Fortunately, he notified the police and the Bomb Disposal Unit was immediately summoned to the scene and took possession," said Captain Swart.

"The dam levels have fallen over the last few months and it is believed that this could be the reason for the recent discoveries.

"Police is advising the public should they stumble upon anything strange or anything that resembles a mortar (as depicted in the picture), not to handle or pick it up, instead to immediately contact Uitenhage police on 041 9963434/36/38.

"By mishandling, these mortars can detonate and may have fatal consequences."

Capt Swart said that the police are busy consulting with the municipality to close the dam so that a thorough search can be conducted by the Bomb Disposal Unit to ensure that all of these mortars are retrieved.

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